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Last Updated: July 9, 2013  2,661 views

Doordarshan is still alive, here is the proof!

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doordarshan-futureI don’t have television in my house but I have never missed any of?my favorite shows and serials on different channels, thanks to internet. Most of the TV channels have their dedicated internet websites where you can find the videos of their programs. Some sites also allow the live streaming of the channel. This weekend, I somehow I landed on the official website of Doordarshan, the ?largest public?broadcasting organisation in India. Its network of?1400 terrestrial transmitters cover more than 90.7% of India’s population.?

I was surprised to see the site. It was not too bad. There I found the live streaming site of Doordarshan’s international channel (DD INDIA) and information on all the sister channels: DD National, DD News, DD Sports, DD Bharati?and DD International. The site provided me a nice preview of the latest serials and shows currently running on Doordarshan. Information provided there was mostly up-to-date and relevant to the new viewers.


Some of the important Doordarshan websites are:

It has also shown?its presence on the following major social sites. Its facebook page is very active.

Doordarshan and all its sister channels are also getting a new, more polished look. DD News has hired many news professionals who have worked with CNN, Bloomberg and BBC for its board. It is also trying to attract top anchors at major Indian channels like NDTV and Times Now. In the current five-year Broadcast Plan, which ends in March 2017, the government has agreed to raise the amount it gives Doordarshan to 132 billion rupees. It has the potential to become the Indian version of the BBC or Al Jazeera.

So dear friends, Doordarshan is still alive.

Long live, Doordarshan!

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    an awesome article,i love doordarshan

    lalsingh on July 20th, 2013