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Last Updated: September 27, 2014  242 views

8 things Not to do in a GD

in: Humor,Tips and Tricks

GD.jpgA Group Discussion is nothing but a formal discussion involving 5 to 10 participants in a group. These days GD is being used by B-schools and organizations to judge whether the candidate has certain personality traits and skills that it desires in its members. Normally in GD, the group of candidates is given a topic or a situation, given a few minutes to think about the same, and then asked to discuss the it among themselves for 20-30 minutes. Let’s take an example of a Cricket match, where you have to play like a team, and aim for a common goal which is Victory, similarly GD is also like a team work, incorporating views of different team members to reach a common goal. Today I have compiled a list of 8 activities which you should not do in any GD.

1. Don’t start of with I think: Yeah, it is true. Once in a GD, there was this topic that should Aishwarya marry Abhishek & this gentleman adjusted his chair & pronounced his arrival by saying that “I think Aishwarya is damn more beautiful for a moron like Abhishek”. Just imagine, the GD organizer is big fan of Abhishek. So, please don’t start with your perceptions. But never be quiet in GD. Just speak out you mind. If you are not speaking how will they judge you.

2. Don’t start with the conclusion: This is the common mistake, people generally conclude everything in their first speech itself. This is really a bad practice during GDs.

3. Don’t keep glancing in the paper: The paper is there to make you feel more jittery. The content which is stored in your mind can’t be explicitly placed on the paper. Don’t stare at the paper much. Look into the eyes of your opponent or better dream of some exotic place & then let the horses run.

4. Don’t put that pen/pencil in your mouth: Not only it gives a negative impression, but also bad for your health. ??

5. Don’t be a clown: One of my friends is expert in this. His dad is a sweet shop owner. He also sometimes sits at the shop & keeps on flying away the flies. So, once we were sitting in a GD discussing about the nuclear deal. Suddenly due to some provocation this guy thought that he was sitting in his shop & started swaying his arms like a jumbo jet

6. Friends are Foes: I must admit that I am a looser in GD’s. Once during a GD I asked my mate who was a great speaker that in the GD you please point towards me & ask me to speak. He agreed. I was happy. Topic was too general. It became a fish market. My friend somehow controlled the situation & pointing towards me & said: “Abhi, would u like to add something”. As I was about to open my mouth, a guy sitting next to me started his Marathon run. After the GD i asked him his name. He said: “Hi! I am Varun”. Avoid such things while GD.

7. Don’t Speak: Yes! Silence is Golden. I realized this during one of college GD’s. People were discussing in a decent manner. Everyone was speaking & getting properly listened. Suddenly, out of the blue we heard a shrieking voice which pierced our ears. The words were: “Guys! Please maintain the decorum of the GD”.

8. Don’t be anxious: There are people who tend to push up from their chair. It looks like they have got ants in their pants. Guys! its really absurd & definitely makes you loose marks.

This article has been guest posted by Abhinandan Ghosh, who is an IIMK Alumni. If you also want to write a guest post on this blog then feel free to contact me.