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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  561 views

Dealing With That Jerk on a Cell Phone

in: Humor

mobile-phoneWith more than 2 billion cell phone users worldwide, the probability of being bombarded in public by loud talk or an annoying ring tone has become very common now a days. Let’s say you are on the city bus, and suddenly the guy next to you starts practically screaming into his speaker phone. Aside from ripping the phone out of his hand and stomping it into a pile of plastic rubble, there are few other things you can do to deal with that jerk on a cell phone.So here comes the list of ways to deal with that jerk on a cell phone.

Politely Ask Them to Shut Up


Finger pointing and loud yelling are really just invitations to more problems down the road. Rather than going for the confrontation, take a deep breath, and politely ask the loud talker if he could move his conversation to a different part of the bus or bring his speaking volume down.?

Give Them a Hint… With a Card


A more creative approach to quieting a stranger on a phone is making and carrying business cards that ask people to lower their speaking voices. The cards can say something like “We would ask that you please lower your speaking voice.” If you give a card that says “we” on it, just be sure there are other people around that are also noticeably irritated.

Block Out the Sound

In preparation for any trip to a public place, you should bring an MP3 player and some headphones. If your smartphone allows you to listen to music, then you can use that. Put on your headphones and let the loud talker annoy everyone else around you.


girl on phone
Someone who is talking loudly into a telephone while riding on the city bus obviously wants everyone around him to listen to his conversation. Rather than fighting it, you should just eavesdrop on what the jerk is talking about. Try to find amusement in his conversation and consider it free entertainment.

Move to a Different Seat

Just because that guy on the city bus is arguing loudly on his phone with his girlfriend, it does not have to ruin your day. Move to the other end of the bus and leave him alone to figure out how to salvage his relationship.

Just Simply Ignore It

As long as you are able to go about your business, and the annoying guy on the phone is not stopping the bus from moving, then confronting him is not worth it. The best move is to just ignore him. Maybe you could find out more about the latest cell phones so that you can get your own phone to bother him with some day.

As long as there will be cell phones, there will be jerks that talk way too loud on them. At lease now you will know how to deal with the loud talker when you encounter them on a city bus or in any other public space.

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