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Last Updated: October 2, 2014  864 views

How to sell your life on eBay?

in: Humor,Marketing

Ian Usher.jpgIf you are surprised with the title of the post. Then let me tell you neither I have gone mad and nor joking. It is true. You can also sell you life on eBay. There is a 44 years old guy called Ian Usher has already done this thing. He lost his beloved dad to cancer and his 12 years old partner ditched him. Then he decided to sell his life on eBay. So this poor guy’s life is up for sale on eBay and he has become the first person in internet history ever to sell their life on eBay. After buying his life, the buyer will become owner of Usher’s three-bedroom house in Perth, a trial for his job at a rug store, his car, motorbike, clothes and other household materials and even friends.

This auction will conclude on 29th June. Ian is hoping to around 200,000 pounds through this auction. Usher said he got the idea from a friend who had the notion of selling his life through a newspaper advertisement during a bleak period but never did it. After posting this auction on eBay, Usher had been inundated with emails from all over the world most of them are asking for advice on how to change their own lives. He is surprised with this huge response on internet.

This funny incident is not the first one. Many people have tried this thing in many other formats.

  • Australian philosophy student Nicael Holt, 24, offered his life to the highest bidder last year to protest mass consumerism.
  • Adam Burtle, a 20-year-old U.S. university student, offered his soul for sale on eBay in 2001, with bidding hitting $400 before eBay called it off.
  • American John Freyer started in 2001 and sold everything he owned on eBay, later visiting the people who bought his things.