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Last Updated: August 20, 2011  363 views

MMS and Sonia ji funny Conversation (Satire)

in: Humor

funny-anna-mms MMS : Madamji, Rahul Baba has woken up and is crying. What shall I do? And that old man Anna is fasting.

Sonia ji : You know nothing and can do nothing without my telling you. Ok, give Rahul his bottle of milk, change the nappies and put him to sleep. Why is that Topiwallah fasting? As it is, Indians can’t afford anything and have to fast daily.So what is the necessity of one more fast. I could never understand these Indians. Tell him that if he cannot afford Bread, let him eat Pizza, Pasta or Cake.

MMS : He is an honest man and making a lot of trouble for us Congressmen.

Sonia ji : Why did you not buy him off? You could have taken Kalmadi or Raja’s help. You could have promised him a Swiss Account. You, Kapil, Manish and Chidambaram have messed up the situation in my absence. Now I have to come and clean up the mess.