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Last Updated: October 8, 2009  354 views

See the life in Pakistan

in: Humor

PakistanYesterday, I got some humorous snaps from Pakistan. These snaps beautifully picturise the life in Pakistan. Actually, Pakistan’s history has been characterized by periods of military rule and political instability so everything there is unstable and hoshposh. It is still a under-developed nation that faces problems of poverty, overpopulation and illiteracy. It is sixth most populous country in the world and has the second largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia. This state has always been in political tensions, both internal and external. Its economy is trapped in vicious circle of debt. All these factors prevent Pakistan from sustainable development. Life of common people in Pakistan is miserable. By the way, see these snaps, you will really enjoy.

25 hours

Pakistani Car

chick point








Pakistani School

  • 1

    Stop being a kid Mr Abhi.

    Dont you read the reality of india ?

    Check out it here on Digitalpoint Forums.

    …In INDIA
    Rape Every 29 minutes
    Molestation Every 15 minutes
    Sexual Harassment Every 53 minutes
    Murder Every 16 Minutes
    Cruelty act Every 9 minutes
    Dowry Death Every 77 minutes

    Grow Up Dude.

    Pakistani on October 14th, 2009
  • 2

    what a loser you are …..pakistan z haell lota beter thn ds…se ur india where people born and dis on footpath

    mahin on October 19th, 2009
  • 3

    Common guys, dont fight over the article and stop giving these statisics. i think india and pakisan both are same when it comes to the condition of common man. Only coorporate lobbies and politicians take the real benefits in our countires, Hell, our our countries became two countries because of these bloody politicians. so just chill out and enjoy the pics.

    Rahul Singh on October 26th, 2009
  • 4

    u r right Rahul Singh but y do these people from ur side try to give a bad picture of Pakistan by editing some pics.we dont do this bcz we believe that first see urself then to the others.then wat the fuck these people from india want us to do.we want Good Relations wid India n we always tried to do our best to be ur friends.but ur politicians didnt ever responded sincerely.why man why.The point is that first correct urself then point fingure on the others.

    Adeel Khalid on November 14th, 2009
  • 5

    u r right adeel khalid..

    arjun panday on June 20th, 2011