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Last Updated: August 8, 2015  6,390 views

2 lakh Engineers are unemployed in India

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Need-Job-IndiaToday our Labour and Employement minister, Mallikarjun Kharge declared in Lok Sabha that nearly 2 lakh (200,000) engineers and 1.32 lakh (132,000) diploma holders were unemployed in 2007. He also said Government is planning to create 15 million jobs by the end of 11th Plan in public and private sectors. This year the number of unemployed engineers and diploma holders is likely to increase heavily due to current economic recession. In 2003, there were 82,000 unemployed engineers in India and in 2005 the number rose to 1.12 lakh (112,000) and due to IT book it fell to 48,000 in 2006. This is really? a shocking news for?engineers of India. Also, this figure has put a question mark on the quality of education in engineering colleges of India.

Let’s discuss one case study of a 16 years old 10th standard student of India.

I’m 16 years old studying in 10th class. My parents are pressuring me to be an Engineer it’s not even funny, lol. I try to reason with them and I really don’t understand why they think engineers are such “god-like” people, lol. I mean, I really love history and arts and can work well with money and finance and I like economics so I’m really interested in careers either in arts or commerce. I tell them all the facts of how I love these subjects, I tell them I love to do it, I’m good at it (I hate physics, chemistry. They don’t interest me), and I’ll be a lot better at something I enjoy. My parents say that getting an engineering degree will make my future secure. What the fuck?

Girl with big bagThis is common problem in Indian families. Parents put unnecessary pressure on their kids into studying and getting high careers. They want to make their sons or daughters doctor, lawyer, scientist, engineer so that they will earn high salary and have a top job in future. Now a day engineering degree has become the obvious choice of Indian middle class because of ever rising salaries and comfortable work environment for the engineers but in my opinion, parents need to see the interest and dreams of their children instead of forcing them to chase some mad rush of joining IITs, IIMs or NITs to become eligible for big MNC’s. If we allow our children to go for studying in which field they like they can do wonders.

There are some other reasons behind 2 lakh unemployed engineers in India.

  • Poor Quality of Engineering Education in private colleges and old Government Colleges — According to latest report only 25 % engineering graudates in India are employable, this means they can work in the industry and utilise their engineering knowledge. This is because of poor quality of education in engineering colleges. Government should take some steps to improve the quality of education in Indian colleges. Also the syllabus should be made par to the industry standards.
  • Entrance tests for Engineering colleges — Most of the students who join private engineering colleges have around 50 to 60% marks in their 12th standard. They also need not to face any entrance test due to plenty of private engineering colleges in Inida. Such students lack basic knowledge of English and Mathematics & Science. What should we expect from these students? Believe me more than 75 % engineers are not fit for industry. But we should not completely blame this 75 % engineers. Most of these students are forced by their parents to pursue career in Engineering.

So what you feel on this issue. Don’t forget to comment.

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    I would like to know if only the engineers are affected by the recession . Isnt every sector hit by it . Isnt there a poor standard of education in other streams apart from Engineering . There are many madical and civil colleges which teach nothing practically , where there are no classed held. Yet these people become doctors and kill others !..

    Unemployment for me is not because of poor education standards but because the companies disown the loyal employees who stood by them for years , when they didnt need them.

    We must understand that IT is driven by foreign market. So why not blame the foreign market on whom these comapnies so heavily relies on.

    Lets not blame the parents or the people who choose these carrers just because the company is not good enough to generate enough work for them ..

    Blame the companies who recruit in 1000’s and keep people on bench for years before recession hit and then showing them the door to cut costs . Blame the managers who have lost their morale and act selfishly.

    And yet if you are not happy , As Akon said in one of his infamous songs .. Since none wants to take responsibility , “You can put the blame on me!”

    sonu on July 19th, 2009
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    World is moving by the rules like always, one who understands that and act correctly get what he want.

    Harshal on July 23rd, 2009
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    Why blame parents? This will continue till alternate carrier start giving same sort of security and income. Seeing a 24-yr old s/w engineer book his own apartment makes you forget about your real interests and love for other subjects.

    Megha on August 6th, 2009
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    i am persuing from IT branch.After recession,are there any opportunities in this branch?Piease tell me.

    mohit joshi on August 24th, 2010
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    I am one of the unemployed engineer .Government of India need to take decisive and credible step or else one day we could find them on streets

    mohammed on February 13th, 2011
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    i have not planned my carrier but want to ask the experienced.should i go with engineering if i want to lead with a better life?

    akshay on February 25th, 2011
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    Most of the students do not join Engineering courses in India because they love it but because they and their parents, relatives, friends and ‘well wishers’ find Engineering course ‘glamorous’. Have you ever wondered why the quality of IIT students is more than the quality of students at state engineering colleges and the quality of the latter more than the quality of students studying in private colleges? The reason is the same. No wonder, more uninspired engineers are produced from the local private colleges.

    ravi singhal on December 4th, 2011