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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  141 views

Future of gaming industry in India

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Computer-Games.jpgIn one of the recent bollywood film Bachna Ae Haseeno, the protagonist Ranbir Kapoor played the role a game developer. From there I got the idea to find more on status of gaming industry in India. Our children and young generation love to play computer and video games. But there are many people who convert their this hobby into profession. There are plenty of opportunities in the gaming industry. There are jobs like game designer, graphic designer, programmers, testers etc. Technical institutes like IIT, NSD, NASSCOM etc. are offering gaming courses. Due to companies like Zapak, Games2win, Microsoft, Sony and EA, there has been a huge increase in awareness about computer games.

India-Gaming-Industry.JPGEven now parents also encourage their children to opt gaming as a career option. Just assume the jobs of a game tester, just you have to play new games everyday and find bugs. Now big gaming companies of USA are outsourcing their work to India so there is huge requirement of professionals in gaming sector. Also India is a big market for computer games. So foreign companies are looking for local talents to design and animate their games to suit the local requirements.

Normally for developing a game, the companies require programmers, game designers, artists and the management. The game programmer has to be good and proficient in C & C++, Direct X Open GL, computer graphics, data structures, etc. Whereas, the designers should be creative with the ability to understand interactive entertainment; and artists should be aware of 3D packages like 3D Studio Max or Alias Wavefront, Maya, Adobe Photoshop etc.

Career options

Programmers: Lead programmers, AI programmers, multi player/network and Game Programmers

Designers: Game designers

Artists: 3D Artists, Modelers, Character Animators, Texture Artists, Art Leads

Management: Game Producers, Art Director, Technical Directors, Development Directors, Project Managers, etc.

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    Yes many companies in India are spending a lot of money on gaming. Especially the Mobile gaming and Online gaming….

    TechnoSamrat on October 3rd, 2008