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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  202 views

Kiran Bedi, P Chidambaram and Indian Judiciary

in: India

The Delhi Police registered the FIR against former IPS officer and Team Anna member, Kiran Bedi. The Delhi High Court has ordered the police to so, on the basis of a complaint by a lawyer that she had misused donations by big corporates to her NGOs, India Vision Foundation and Navjyoti Foundation. Bedi, however, claimed she had “ample evidence and endurance” to deal with these false allegations. She said “I have sound evidence to show how we have run the project. I don’t have any problems in facing the police officers for interrogation . I will show them this evidence,” Now the Delhi Police is likely to examine Kiran Bedi very soon.

She has been charged under sections 420 (cheating), 406 (criminal breach of trust) and 120 B (criminal conspiracy) of Indian Penal Code. The complaint against Kiran was lodged by a Delhi-based lawyer, Devinder Singh Chauhan. The lawyer also alleged Kiran had “looted” various paramilitary forces and police organizations in the name of imparting free computer training through her NGOs.

Now the question is why suddenly these cases are emerging against Kiran Bedi. What happened to her? Why she suddenly become corrupt? I think, most of the Indians know the answer. Bedi had publicly ridiculed politicians during Anna’s August fast at Ramlila Maidan to show her support for a strong Lokpal Bill. After the event, most of the Indian MPs reacted strongly to her speech.

Now let’s see the case of 2G spectrum. According to Subramanian Sway, the then finance minister Chidambaram is equally responsible for the 2G scam as the then telecom minister A Raja is. The prime minister has taken Raja’s resignation, but didn’t seek Chidambaram’s resignation. What are the reasons for this double standard?

What has happened to Indian judiciary? On one hand it has asked the Delhi police to register FIR against Kiran Bedi, who is fighting against corruption and on the other hand it is not ready to finalize its judegement on P Chidambaram. In India, the Judiciary system does not treat all as equal. It is also dead slow. The real culprits either escape or expire from the law. Even the great Indian Judicial system has become the mute spectator to the foul game of politicians.