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Last Updated: October 16, 2008  571 views

One dollar is equal to 50 rupees?

in: India

rupee-dollar.jpgToday one dollar is equal to 48.8 rupees. Very soon it will become 50 rupees. Then it will be very easy for Indian bloggers to calculate their income in Indian Rupees. Do you know why it is happening? Before writing this post, I also have not much idea on this point but I searched many finance related websites on Google and get the reasons behind this depreciation of Rupee against dollar. These days there has been increased demand for dollars due to a spurt in oil prices.

dollar to rupee.png

As a result of this foriegn exchange is flowing from India. Another main reason is that foreign investors sold more Indian shares than they bought. The recent downfall in Indian share markets also added more flavor to this issue. What has happened to growing Indian economy? Depreciation in Rupee, decreasing sensex, layoffs in big companies. I am worried, what about you?

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    what happen in indian share market ,but now what is the solution

    shailesh on October 17th, 2008
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    See and compare dollar to rupee exchange rates from ICICI, SBI, HDFC, Citibank and Remit2India at

    Madhukar on July 21st, 2009
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    Dollar, Pound, Dirham, Euro to Rupee Exchange Rates.

    Rohan on September 7th, 2012