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Last Updated: October 6, 2013  2,703 views

Revisiting the golden era of 90s

in: India

memories I always miss the golden era of 1990s. I miss that illusion of having no issues in the life. I miss that idea that biggest thing in this world was to pass tenth board exam. I miss the days when there were no mobile, no internet, no hundreds of channels, no cacophony of twnety four by 7 news channels. I miss the says when we had Mario, Doordarshan Serials, Sunday evening movies, 8:40 PM news. Yeah, I still miss those days when there was no bhaagam bhaag, when the Khan heroes were young, Madhuri was still the heartthrob of millions. Life in the ’90s was so exciting. So friends join me on this page as I am going to look back at somes of best moments of 1990s.

First of all I would like to say thanks to the person who shared the idea of our country going back in 1990s. Someone on facebook shared


GDP Is Back To 5%,
Nawaz Sharif Is Back In Pakistan,
Dalmiya Is Back In BCCI,
N. R. Murthy Is Back In Infosys,
Sanjay Dutt Is Back In Jail,
And Madhuri Is Back In Bollywood..!!!
It looks like we are back in 90’s!!!

and you know, it became viral, thousands of people shared this stuff on their walls.

On this viral post, Renuka Deshpande (DNA) posted

This has just given us an excuse to take you on a ’90s nostalgia trip. We’ll limit ourselves to Indian film and television highlights, though. If you were a child in the decade, 12 noon on Sundays was reserved for one man alone- Shaktiman! Him of the finger in the air and the magnificent swirl. We didn’t even mind his preachiness, and that’s saying a lot. And of course, there was Chandrakanta, Duck Tales (dubbed in Hindi) and Alif Laila.

Despite these attractions, children actually played with each other in parks and housing societies during those simple times, instead of being glued to the television 24/7. And what do we say about Bollywood? There were those heroines in horrendously ill-tailored skirts, and men whose null and void fashion sense saw them wear yellow suits (Yes Govinda, you are being referred to here).

On one hand there were dancing sensations like Madhuri Dixit and on the other, you had the likes of Mamta Kulkarni, who only acted in movies with sensational songs. Who can forget her slithering around in a red dress in bharo, maang meri bharo? While these gems are now long gone, there is one thing that has remained unchanged. That thing is called Salman Khan. He was big then, and remains big now. Life is sweet that way (atleast for Salman fans).

Anyway, I am going to list down some of the golden memories of 90s. Please have a look and don’t forget to share it with your facebook and twitter friends.

Beta released in 1992 and became a silver jubilee in our town. It was a a blockbuster and was the highest grossing film of that year. I still remember its Madhuri’s hit track "Dhak Dhak Karne Laga".


8:40 PM News on Doordarshan :: I am not sure about the year but I think in early 90s Doordarshan used to telecast Hindi news at 8:40 PM and English news at 9 PM.


Cock brand Fireworks :: In 90s, we could have one full bag pataakaas in only 100 Rupees.

image cock

In early 90s, South Africa came in India and played 3 one day matches series. India won the series by 2-1. The tour was significant in that it was South Africa’s first official international cricket series since their suspension from the sport in 1970 due to the apartheid policy. The Men of the Series were Sanjay Manjrekar of India and Kepler Wessels of South Africa. Those days, Sachin was just another player of the team and Kapil was our God.

Benson and Hedges World Cup :: This world cup added color to the game of Cricket.


21st May, 1991 :: On that day, I heard the news of assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. It was a big shock for me. During those days, he was a big star for me. I was his big fan. I used to collects his photos from old newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately, his life had been cut short by that tragic incident.


Work in Progress………

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    Days we spent in 90’s were quite peacefully.I was mere a child.So those days were playing days for me,rather than reading lesson.There was not much cacophony of media,mere Doordarshan and Metro were leading the medium of electronic media.Various commercial advertisement of Hero,Cadbury,Lux,Lifebuoy,Dettol,surf,Nirma,Raymond,Dinesh ,Lml Vespa Amul diary products, Horlicks,Bournvita,Complan,Maggi,I used to gaze on TV then.I used to watch Shaktiman,Marshal,Chandrakanta,Chitrahar,Rangoli on every Sunday morning….Surabhi from Monday to Friday used to be telecasted then on DD National at night showing cultures and lifestyle,profession of various states and Cities then…again Mowgli,Donald Duck,Malgudi Days we didn’t left unwatched then.The filmstars like Khans , experienced Amitabh Bachhan,Akshay Kumar, sunil shetty,sunny and Bobby Deol were my ideal personalities then. Can not forget Sachin,Azhar newcomer Dravid and Ganguly as Batsmen as well as fielding of Jadeja and later Robin Singh…in bowling after the retirement of Kapil Dev Srinatth,Prasad,And googly of kumble can not be forgotten….those days to me in school life sometimes awesome and boring both …. we eager for Sunday to watch those programme s on our shutterlock systemeted B/W TV.Ohh God ,,,we frequently says ,the bygone days never comes back again,innocency,madrush for playing in the vacant places during offtime will not come back again…. childhood is very special feeling and joyous time of every human being

    Subrato Bagchi on July 14th, 2017
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    Awesome picturisation of those unforgettable memories. I wish i could preserve any of them but only memories.

    thanks a lot !

    Lalit Kumar on April 10th, 2018
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    I love 90’s I spent my whole childhood in 90’s.

    It was such a wonderful time of my life.

    Miss those wonderful day.

    Satyam a Patel on May 13th, 2018