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Last Updated: September 27, 2014  483 views

Shoe attacks in Indian General Elections

in: India

shoe-attack.jpgDo you remember the shoe attack on former US president George Bush? Actually months after an infuriated Iraqi reporter flung a shoe at US President George Bush, its now our home minister Chidambaram’s time to face the shoe. Last week, Chidambaram, who was speaking in a press conference about 1984 riots in which hundreds of Sikhs were killed, was surprised when suddenly Jarnail Singh, a sikh journalist from a famous Hindi daily, flung the shoe on him. However the shoe missed the target as the minister leaned back to avoid the hurled shoe which narrowly missed him.

As a result of this shoe attack, Indian National Congress calculated politically that all the media controversy created after the shoe throwing incident could make it lose more seats. And finally, Jagdish Tytler proposed to withdraw from contesting and Congress immediately accepted his decision. Due to the success of shoe attack on P. Chidambaram, throwing shoes is now rampant in India as yesterday Congress leader Naveen Jindal faced boot thrown by a retired school teacher in an election rally in Kurukshetra.

Shoe Attack on P. Chidambaram Video


Shoe attack on George Bush Video

As already discussed, the Indian General Elections 2009 has also become a good platform for Shoe Attacks. Millionaire industrialist and Congress MP Mr Naveen Jindal yesterday became the latest victim of a shoe attack with a retired school teacher throwing his shoe at him during his speech. Though the shoe did not hit Mr Jindal, the Haryana police took Mr Raj Pal into custody following the incident. Actually, the old man protested for his son losing job due to the policies of Congress Government.

On February 2, 2009, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was in London speaking with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown about economic cooperation and trade relations between China and the United Kingdom. That day Wen was scheduled to give the Rede Lecture at the University of Cambridge entitled, “See China in the Light of Her Development”. As Wen came to the end of his lecture, a man, later identified as a 27-year-old German national Martin Jahnke, stood from the audience, blew a whistle and shouted, “How can the university prostitute itself with this dictator here? How can you listen to these lies he’s telling?” Jahnke then threw his shoe at Wen, although the shoe landed a few feet away.

Shoe Attack on Chinese Premier?Wen Jisbao Video

See the funny cartoon showing the aftermath of Shoe Attack on George Bush


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    I have Some Important Points to Make
    1 Ban Wearing of Shoes
    2 Or at least Shoes should be glued to feet to prevent these type of happenings
    3 Ban Shoes in political Meetings
    4 Only one Party is being targeted while many others deserve this
    5 Remove Media from the meetings.They show same footage again and again .I was in Doubt whether the shoe was thrown once or 100 times!!!
    6 Donate the shoes thrown to poor people if you can not ban this practice.Many people in our country roam without shoes
    7 if Some one wants to throw let him through before elections. After elections dekh ke bhai Nahi to andar Jayega!!!

    Urvashi Joshi on April 11th, 2009
  • 2

    sonia should become the prime minister. Manmohan Singh has not been proved to be a strong leader. By the way the shoe attack on PC is a shameful act by the reporter and he should be punished.

    gas on May 5th, 2009