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Last Updated: September 29, 2014  3,936 views

A Muslim beauty pageant to challenge Miss World

in: International Affairs

muslima Islam has always been criticized for the treatment of women in Islamic law and practice. Another criticism of muslims is that they always try to protect their identity. Most of the time, you can easily recognize a Muslim even if you see them in Siberia or in the jungles of Africa or in New York or in Pakistan. Miss World Muslimah is nothing but just another attempt to suppress women in Islam and to protect their so called identity in the world. Eka Shanti, the founder of this contest claims that it is Islam’s answer to Miss World.

Even being a beauty pageant, its requirements are very different from Miss World. The participant should be pious, be a positive role model and show how to balance a life of spirituality in today’s modernized world. All contestants must wear headscarves in their daily lives. Testing Islamic knowledge and skills, such as recitation of the Koran was the prime focus of the show.

Organizers say they want to show Muslim women there is an alternative to the idea of beauty put forward by the British-run Miss World pageant, and also want to show that opposition to the event can be expressed non-violently.

The 20 Muslimah World finalists were chosen from more than 500, who took part in online rounds, reciting Koranic verses and telling stories of how they came to wear the Islamic headscarf, a requirement for the pageant. 21 years old Miss Nigeria Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola won the contest. When she was announced the winner and won a trip to Mecca, she recited a verse from the Koran.

May be next year, they will make burqa mandatory for their participants as according to many Islamic experts, burqa or niqab is much more pious and full of spiritual energy. All contestants walking around in burqas and getting judged for being the most religious and pious will be a good idea for Miss World Muslimah.


If they introduce burqa, the next year the contest will be like this. Which burqa clad beauty queen, the judge will choose? ??

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    nice i really love ur articles any my friend darshan too.our boss too

    tanaji on September 28th, 2014
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    The idea of this contest is appreciable. People who believe more in the worldly things can surely choose to participate or atleast appreciate the Contests like Miss World or Ms Universe to showcase or to explore the objective of the contest while as the people who believe in hereafter and primarily believe in being confined to their limits and like to be hidden from the world could have a better oppotunity to invite like people to join this plateform. The criticizm in the above article reveals the panic in the circles of opposition here.

    GULZAR AHMAD DAR on May 26th, 2015