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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  102 views

Facebook spam :: You look so stupid in this video

in: Internet

Just 10 minutes I checked my facebook profile. I was shocked to see comments of my friends saying “Abhishek, You look so stupid in this video”. I investigated the matter and found that almost all my friends are getting hit by this Facebook spam. It is actually a new facebook spam spreading viral across this world’s largest social networking site. The sentence used usually tempt the user to view the video and simply do the Ctrl + V and enter to see whats in that video. I would suggest you to simply delete the link if it is posted in your wall.

The messages arrive with embedded Flash video and different messages such as “WTF!! You look so stupid in this video” or “OMG, why are you on this video” etc. The post displays fake meta data showing the number of “Views”, “Likes”, etc. to make the posts appear more genuine. When a user clicks on the video link, the Flash file loads in the background. Once the loaded, it prompts the user to play a fake video. When the user clicks again to play the video, it looks like, the message displays instructions with keyboard shortcuts that cause the victim to paste clipboard information in the address bar. The flash file itself sets the clipboard data with malicious JavaScript which further spreads the attack.