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Last Updated: September 28, 2013  172 views

How to check whether the site is down or up?

in: Internet,Technology

Internet_User.JPGOne of my friends always used to say that internet is nothing but just a solution to real life problems. Recently Alex Payne, a 24 years old computer engineer has developed an elegant solution to a problem encountered by most of the internet users. The service known as allows visitors to type in a Web address and see whether a site is generally inaccessible or whether the problem is with their own Internet connection. These days many companies and people depend on the internet to continue their day today activities.

“I had seen that question posed so often. Technology companies have branded the Internet as a place that is always on and where information is always available. People are disappointed and looking for answers when it turns out not to be true.” Alex Payne


I must say, Alex has developed a wonderful tool for internet users. Kudos to him. You can visit this website by clicking here.

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    thanks for sharing , i have another site ,make the same job – mine – if you want you can check it


    is that site down on January 14th, 2009