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Last Updated: July 13, 2008  99 views

Internet speed could be 100 times faster

in: Internet,Technology

Internet_Speed.jpgScientists at the centre for ultra-high bandwidth devices for optical systems (CUDOS) are developing a new photonic switch that can increase broadband speeds up to 100 times. Ben Eggleton, who is director of CUDOS at the University of Sydney, told the press that the increase in speed would not cost customer any extra money. They are developing a photonic integrated circuit for information exchange which takes only one pico-second while transferring informations and data. According to these scientists, this invention is nothing but a small scratch on a piece of glass, the circuit uses this scratch as a guide for sending and receiving information. In 1 second the switch is turning on and off about a million times.

The University of Sydney has developed the scratch in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark and financial support from Australian Research Council as a result it was developed for just £5.8m. Now the development team is looking to license the technology. In my opinion, this will certainly revolutionize the use of internet in computer world. I am restless to use an internet connection with such a speed. What do you say about this news ?