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Last Updated: September 27, 2014  143 views

Play Free Online Arcade Games on AbhiSays Gaming Zone

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Love to race in sports cars? What about solving brain teasers? Shooting Aliens? Here is your opportunity to do all that, and much more. Now, you have the option to not just play games, but connect with friends and compete against them. Challenge your friends, or just anyone on the site (including me), participate in tournaments, discuss about games or any topic, or just enjoy some free time. Yes, you guessed it; I am talking about the brand new gaming zone. It presents a whole new way to play games. So, why are you waiting? Visit start playing.

Still not convinced? Well, read on for more details.

  • Thousands of lightening fast flash games.
  • Challenge your friends or anyone, for any of the game, you prefer.
  • Compete in different tournaments, see, if you have what it takes to be the true champion.
  • Compare scores with all the other players, and compete for trophies. Every game has a trophy for the top scorer. How many can you collect?
  • Play new games every day. Daily minimum 10 new games to be added in the collection.
  • Liked a game, or hated it. Let everyone know. Rate any game or add them to your favorite list, to find them easily.
  • Need help completing a level or just found a trick to score better. Share, discuss, and ask for help, in the forums. To access forums, visit
  • Check who is playing what, in the latest played games, and challenge them for more fun. ‘
  • Got the high score trophy, won a tournament, or just added a game to favorites? Tweet about it and let everyone know. Add your twitter information to profile page, today.
  • Visit friend’s profiles to check out how are they performing in the games, how many trophies they have, or what’s their favorite game.
  • Unable to find a game, search for it. Can’t decide what to play, try random pick from the top rated games.
  • Trying out the site for the first time? Use facebook connect to login. Once logged in, you will be automatically registered with us.

There are two ways to visit the gaming zone.

  1. Visit
  2. Visit, and select “Play games” from the top menu.

So, hop on! Lots of fun awaits you and your friends.

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This article is written by Jitendra Garg.