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Last Updated: October 1, 2014  146 views

The most dangerous domain names on internet

in: Internet

risky_websites.jpgOne of the biggest antivirus companies of world, McAfee has released its annual “Mapping the Mal Web” report today. In this report you can find information on which high-level domains (HLD) you should take extra precaution while surfing on internet. The web sites which provide facility for download of videos, mp3s, ringtones and screen savers are big source for spywares and malwares. They test sites for the presence of risky behaviors such as browser exploits, adware/spyware/Trojans/viruses, high likelihood of receiving spam, affiliation with other risky sites, and aggressive pop-up marketing.

“Just like the real world, the virtual threats and risks are constantly changing. As our research shows, Web sites that are safe today can be dangerous tomorrow. Surfing the Web based on conventional wisdom is not enough to avoid risk online,”
Jeff Green, Senior Vice President of Product Development & Avert Labs.

For this report McAfee has analyzed 265 top-level domains. According to this report the most dangerous domain to surf on internet is (.hk) which is HLD of HongKong whose 19.2 percent of the websites are not safe for your computer. China’s (.cn) is on second place, .info is on third place, .com is on 9th rank whereas the domain names of Philippines, Romania, and Russia are under Top 10. However, the domain names of Finland, Japan, Norway, and Colombia are some of the safest domains on internet.

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