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Top 10 Antivirus Software

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With the growing use of Internet, there is increase in number of viruses too. As great people say bad things comes along with the bad things and every problem has a solution. So there are many antivirus software companies which are working hard to make the life of computer users easy. These companies are updating virus definition on a regular basis; even few companies update it 5-6 times a day. Nowadays computer viruses have become more sophisticated and more aggressive. Today, I am sharing reviews of Top 10 Antivirus used by most of the people all around the word. One more thing, there is no ordering in this list, this means the antivirus coming at top can’t be assumed to be better than the antivirus coming at the bottom.

The Shield Deluxe:

The Shield Deluxe 2009 combines reactive virus protection and spyware detection methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide your computer, the most effective protection against the various malicious programs. The product is simple to install and set up, and also offers advanced users a range of versatile settings.

Download Shield Deluxe


Kaspersky Lab, program identifies and removes potential risks and malicious programs attempting to corrupt files and data on a computer. It also provides Real-time email scanning & automatic hourly updates, Rootkit and keylogger protection.

Download Kaspersky


The best way to defend your computer against computer viruses, spy ware, hackers and spam is BitDefender 2009 security software. BitDefender 2098 is an exceptional product and scans all existing files on your computer as well as all incoming and outgoing emails, IM transfers and all other website visit and network traffic.

Download BitDefender

Norton Anti-Virus Software 2009:

Norton, one of the leaders in developing security software, offers viable antivirus protection. The software is easy to use and has wide-ranging security features to protect your PC from malicious programs. Some of this protection includes IM scanning, script blocking and POP3 and SMTP email protection.

Download Norton Anti-Virus


The NOD32 anti-virus software is a novel virus program that provides real-time protection against spyware, malware, worms, trojans, phishing and hacking. Nod32 has two different ways to run the program. You can run a simple Nod32 scan or you can spend more time using the control center. Within the control center you can have access to many customization feature and different types of scans.

Download NOD32

AVG Antivirus:

AVG Antivirus has been popular virus scanner for many years. Its free version is one of the most downloaded files on the Internet in the Computer Security sector. The new interface is clean, user friendly and intuitive while still remaining useful. AVG went through a re-write of their virus scanning engine and included two of their stand alone products with AVG Antivirus as well. AVG Antispyware and AVG Antirootkit are both integrated with the virus scanner now.

Download AVG Antivirus


McAfee is an industry leader in computer protection and Virus Scan is their number one defense against viruses. McAfee software comes with a ScriptStopper, to stop viruses to spread from one computer to another via email, and WormStopper. Some disadvantages of McAfee are that it does not offer instant message protection, P2P/file sharing protection and registry startup protection.

Download McAfee

F-Secure Anti-Virus:

F-Secure thoroughly scan PC for viruses, and has a built-in anti-spyware scanner. The program scans incoming and outgoing emails in real-time, does a great job of shielding your registry against probable hijackers and also controls programs which startup automatically.

Download F-Secure Anti-Virus

TrendMicro – (Pc-Cillin):

Trend Micro Anti-virus has protocols for protecting PCs against viruses, worms and trojans as well as spywares, rootkits and malwares. It scans incoming files on real time basis, including emails, downloads and files from portable storage devices. You can also schedule scans, run customized scans or conduct a scan on demand.

Download TrendMicro

Panda Antivirus:

Panda Antivirus Security protects your personal computer as easy as possible. It has Free automatic updates, powerful blockage from hijackers, keyloggers, intruders, and hackers. Panda’s Antivirus software comes with a virus and spyware protection. Panda also allows the user to block, delete, clean, and quarantine infected files and does not slow your pc down during virus scans.

Download Panda Antivirus

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