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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  152 views

Top 10 most popular Facebook Applications

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Facebook AppsInternet has witnessed great shift from just being a static web pages to web 2.0 over the last 10 years. Only a few sites have seen as amazing growth as social networking site like Facebook. The UK-based Facebook has come a long way since its inception in a Harvard dorm room to emerge as one of the Internet’s most popular destinations. As we have seen earlier that Facebook became the second most visited site after google, replacing Yahoo. And also its worth reached over USD 1 billion. The 5 year old site achieved another milestone last month having registered 300 million users globally. An important role in the Facebook’s growth has been played by the various applications that amateur developers globally build for the site. We have picked the top 10 popular application of this social networking site.

1) Business applications (mainly e-commerce) are very popular on Facebook. They provide a social online shopping marketplace. Products on sale include everything from electronics to apparel to jewelery to books. Just like Amazon and eBay, users can buy & sell their items at low prices.
2) This application produces your business cards online. The Facebook application allows users to use its various tools and instruments to design their virtual online business card.
3) Third on popular list is nifty application for developers, designers and bloggers that allows them to tag photos and upload them to Facebook. The application allows users to drag and drop the photos they want to upload, select the album of their choice or create a new album.
4) Facebook notification application allows users to get notifications on their homepage or desktop of their computer. It allows users to change their status message, and see their friend’s latest status updates in a simple form.
5) The 5th place goes to the mobile application, Fonebook, which is a desktop application that transfers user’s contacts’ photos and information from Facebook to Outlook. It also allows users to see their contacts’ photos on their phone whenever they call.
6) Sixth place is hold by calendar application, 30 Boxes. 30 Boxes is a personal calendar that lets users to organize and share their schedule. Key features of this app are SMS reminders, integrated to-do list items, and integration with Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, WordPress, etc.
7) Bloom is on seventh place on popular list. This application is for Mac, Windows, and Linux users. Bloom allows users to upload photos, download albums, and view their connections photos instantly. It also enables users to add captions to images, edit, rotate, and tag different people.
8) Application Builder is on 8th position. It allows users to add your own application to the list. The application lets users create own Facebook application. user can do it without knowing those programming languages. Users can create applications related to poll, quiz, gifts, pictures etc.
9) This application shows the best of World Wide Web. It allows users to share anything they find interesting on the Internet by posting it on their profile. It can be music, photos, videos, blogs and articles related to their business, interest or anything.
10) Mobile application which allows users to store phone numbers in a private phonebook. It can also be used for sending or requesting phone numbers. With the help of Mobile Organizer Calendar, users can also receive SMS birthdays and event reminders.

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    …and facebook applications are still going strong nearly two years after this article was written.

    John Cunningham on June 11th, 2011