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Last Updated: September 28, 2012  141 views

Top 50 Websites in the world

in: Internet

Time's top 50 websitesTIME magazine has announced the list of top 50 websites of 2009. According to the list published the hottest thing on the Internet is not social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, but Flickr-the popular photo-sharing portal – it has topped TIME’s list of the best 50 websites of 2009. One of the important trends in this year’s list is on-demand video services, like YouTube, Vimeo and US services Hulu and Netflix. However, the top two in the list are related to photographs, with California Coastline following Flickr at the second spot. Third in the list is bookmark website Delicious, while community weblog Metafilter ranked at the fourth place.

Popurls, the web’s most visited social news sites and portals, grabbed the fifth spot in the list. Twitter is ranked sixth and Facebook comes at 31st in the list, while YouTube and Hulu have got 12th and 14th place in the list. See the complete Time magazine’s list of Top 50 websites in the world ::

  1. Flickr
  2. California Coastline
  3. Delicious
  4. Metafilter
  5. popurls
  6. Twitter
  7. Skype
  8. Boing Boing
  9. Academic Earth
  10. OpenTable
  11. Google
  12. YouTube
  13. Wolfram|Alpha
  14. Hulu
  15. Vimeo
  16. Fora TV
  17. Craiglook
  18. Shop Goodwill
  19. Amazon
  20. Kayak
  21. Netflix
  22. Etsy
  24. Redfin
  25. Wikipedia
  26. Internet Archive
  27. Kiva
  28. ConsumerSearch
  29. Metacritic
  30. Pollster
  31. Facebook
  32. Pandora &,
  33. Musicovery
  34. Spotify
  35. Supercook
  36. Yelp
  37. Visuwords
  38. CouchSurfing
  39.’s NameVoyager
  40. Mint
  41. TripIt
  42. Aardvark
  44. Issuu
  45. Photosynth
  46. OMGPOP
  47. WorldWideTelescope
  48. Fonolo
  49. Get High Now
  50. Know Your Meme

To open these sites in your browser, just copy the website name and search in Google and ofcourse, click the first link.