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Last Updated: February 20, 2010  221 views

Which is the largest forum on internet?

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Gaia Online Last month I started a Discussion Zone aka forums on In one month it has more than 100 users, 1700 posts which is quite satisfactory for a new forum created on a sub-domain. Meanwhile, I also analyzed some of the top forums on internet. In this connection, I got the chance to visit Gaia Online. It is an anime-themed social networking and forums-based website. It was founded in 2003 as, but in 2004 its name was changed to

In a few years, Gaia Online became largest forum on social gaming. Over a million posts are made daily and it is visited by 7 million unique users each month. In 2007, this website won Webware 100 award in the Community category. In this forum users are known as Gaians, who can create a customizable avatar and a customizable virtual home for which they can purchase items using the virtual currency called gold, called gaia gold. This is given to users after playing games, posting inside the forums, and certain other events or contests, the site also rewards users every day with random gold or items with the Daily Chance.

Creation date : February 2003
Hardware : 80+ web servers, 11 database servers (4 dedicated to forums), 3 session database servers, 1 memory cache server
Software : phpBB
Number of moderators : 119

These days, Gaia Online is hiring. You can solve the game of Reversi and attach the solution to your resume and sent to 0x41444b4b5d545b5e5342 @ gaiaonline.comwhere every byte is the ASCII character xor 0x31.

The game of Reversi is very simple — the rules can be found here:

Write a program that takes a text file with:

? One line with the word “WHITE” or “BLACK”, which determines who makes the next move
? 8 lines of the board, with “W” = white, “B” = black, and “.” = empty
Compute the score and final board position of the following game, given optimum play on both sides.


You can use any of the following languages:

? Perl
? Python
? Ruby
? C/C++
? C#
? Java/Scala/Clojure
? Ocaml/SML/F#
? Haskell
? Lisp/Scheme
? Malbolge

PHP or Java are what Gaia Online use.

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    Hi! this forum is really amazing.. millions of users, posts, comments, avatars.. very popular..
    Thanks for sharing this information.

    smsguru on February 21st, 2010