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Last Updated: September 29, 2014  7,115 views

Women will shine with Yahoo

in: Internet,Technology

yahoo_shine.JPGAfter the launch of Buzz, Yahoo has now come with a complete new website called Shine or you can this as a blog for women. At present it is featuring original articles and content from publishing partners like Conde Nast, Hearst, Time etc. Shine is targeting to grab the attention of approximately forty million women every month aged between 25 to 45. This site is offering 9 categories of interest for its readers which include entertainment, healthy living, love and sex, work and money, and much more.

According to blog researchers, females are more inclined to blogs as compared to males. They love to write their own blog entries, putting comments on other’s articles. Yahoo is coming with great features on Shine like integration of Yahoo mail, search, food, health, astrology on Shine. They are even thinking of integrating Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Answers with this women’s website. This Yahoo’ s new product has to compete with iVillage, etc. In my opinion, Shine is looking less cluttered, more clear, having easy navigation, simple design when I compare with its competitor sites. On Shine you can write your own articles also, you can comment on articles, vote in daily polls. But for all these facilities, you should have Yahoo Id. Seems very interesting, so girls, women go and check this out and shine with Yahoo.

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    I like so many sexy photograph.

    Uttam Kumar Dey on November 7th, 2016