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Last Updated: November 7, 2014  32,372 views

150 Print Ads from old Indian magazines

in: Lifestyle

zeenat-aman-air-india-wm-1970-1109211 During 80s and 90s, print ads in newspapers and magazines were mainly used to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering. They were usually the main source of income for non-subscription local newspapers and other small publications. Sundays or public holidays typically used to bring numerous large number of advertisements in newspapers. Unfortunately, in the era of digital media, the print advertisement is slowly dying out. The future of print advertising in magazines, newspapers and other forms of traditional print media looks fairly bleak. Anyway, we will discuss its decline some other day, till then enjoy the following 150 Print Ads.


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batacolouredcanvas bharatelectronics

bigfun  binacatoothpaste

bombaydyeing1989  boroline

boroline0  bournvita

brite britishpaints0

bsaslr  camelcolours

camelinstrumentbox0 campa

canarabank0  chiclets

chicmodithread  clickiii

crest  debonair-girl 

deluxe-nirodh dhruvaknits

dipti  dipys

duckbackschoolbags  duckbackschoolbags2

ekcosketchpens enhanced-1381-1403638135-1

enhanced-2275-1403639417-2 enhanced-3976-1403647569-9

enhanced-10073-1403644367-8 enhanced-12509-1403845337-12

enhanced-13376-1403644494-6 enhanced-13421-1403638582-1

enhanced-14148-1403847130-9 enhanced-14756-1403845687-8

enhanced-14972-1403845763-9 enhanced-16790-1403846694-1

enhanced-18635-1403937207-9 enhanced-19974-1403845119-13

enhanced-21337-1403936213-13 enhanced-21664-1403630416-18

enhanced-22522-1403677482-17 enhanced-23082-1403648232-24

enhanced-24830-1403647401-1 enhanced-25551-1403591815-8

enhanced-28900-1403592866-5 enhanced-29980-1403846523-1

escorts fevicol

fiat finlays

flit0 forhans

gcradio geeflo

gems gems2

goldcoinapplejiuce goldspot

goldspot2 harnik

indianoverseasbank johnsonsbabypowder

kishore-brylcreem kissanjam

kissanjam2 kohinoorfiesta

lakme lakme2

lalimli leotoys

leotoys2 liberty

lic2 liptongreenlabel

liril1982 luxnanda

madhurimafatlalsuitings mahindra-classic-topless-modelmaltova mico0 morton

morton2 motiluxurybathsoap

mysoresandalsoap natarajpencils

nerolac npbubblegum

nutramul2nutrine2 nutrine3nutrineeclairs old-indian-advertizements-2 old-indian-advertizements-3

old-indian-advertizements-4old-indian-advertizements-5 old-indian-advertizements-6 old-indian-advertizements-7

old-indian-advertizements-8old-indian-advertizements-9 old-indian-advertizements-10 old-indian-advertizements-11


old-indian-advertizements-13 old-indian-advertizements-14

old-indian-advertizements-15old-indian-advertizements-16 old-indian-advertizements-17 old-indian-advertizements-18

old-indian-advertizements-20old-indian-advertizements-21 old-indian-advertizements-22 old-indian-advertizements-23

old-indian-advertizements-24old-indian-advertizements-25 old-indian-advertizements-26 old-indian-advertizements-27

paragonparrys parrys2parryseclairs

parrysfestivalcasket pears

phosfomin pondsdreamflowerfacepowder

power02purenewwool rath redfort

russianpostagestampsrussianpostagestamps2 shalimarpaints surf 

sush_mohiniucobank unitedbankofindia veedol

vicksvaporubviewmaster viewmaster2 vintage-ad-india-5

vintage-ad-india-6vintage-ad-india-7 vintage-ad-india-8 vintage-ad-india-9

vintage-ad-india-16vintage-ad-india-25 vintage-ad-india-28vintage-ad-india-32 waterburyscompound 7f0f1a495abc41fafe45776693e430d6

  • 1


    tamri on December 25th, 2014
  • 2

    Nice collection. Feeling nostalgic….

    Soulspeek on August 21st, 2015
  • 3

    I really enjoyed looking at all these old advertisements. It is clear how influenced they are by the typical Madison Avenue American style of advertising, but with special twists and flairs to appeal to Indian consumers. A very impressive collection of images!

    Isa C. on August 24th, 2015
  • 4

    Great collection dude…

    amit on December 8th, 2015
  • 5

    Nice. Btw, do you have vintage NYCIL ad ? I really miss that one

    aasish on March 4th, 2016
  • 6

    very good collection.Do you sell them or do you buy any more of them. Kindly reply.

    GOVINDARAJU on April 27th, 2017
  • 7

    awesome collection

    aseem on June 11th, 2017