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Last Updated: July 30, 2011  1,213 views

Advantages Of Morning Walk

in: Lifestyle

Morning walk is very beneficial for our body. It is better to walk during early hours of morning because the environment is considered to be fresh and not polluted. The air that you intake during morning is free of polluted gaseous matters and has low level of carbon dioxide. This supplies good amount of oxygen to the internal organ. As we all know that plants sent out oxygen during morning we get plenty amount of oxygen and also the air is fresh during morning. It not only keeps our lungs healthy but also our respiratory system efficiency increases by breathing in the pure air. During morning walk, our brain gets plenty of oxygen which in turn increases the efficiency of our nervous system and also increases our thinking power. Its also advised by doctors that we should walk in morning for at least 30 minutes per day.

Morning Walk :: Must do activity for aged ones

It is widely believed that morning walk serves as an effective exercise for aged ones. As the age progresses the physical condition of every individual becomes weaker and metabolisms may not function as efficiently as during the earlier days. It is evident that old people are more prone to adverse physical conditions which may not only hinder them physiologically but may also affect their mental conditions. By regular walking or moderate jogging aged ones can not only stay physically fit but may also enhance their confidence and stamina.

Morning Walk :: A medicine against Diabetes:

It is very important for a diabetic patient to walk at least 30 minutes a day so that his insulin works properly. We have some enzymes named insulin inside in our body which in case of diabetes, stops functioning properly. But by walking regularly it can be controlled to quiet a great extent.

Morning Walk :: A medicine against Blood Pressure and heart attack.

Morning walk also helps to relieve pressure from our mind and keeps us peaceful thus decreasing the chances of heart attack and high blood pressure. It helps our heart work with full efficiency.