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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  142 views

Change Your Lifestyle and Psyche

in: Lifestyle

It is quite rightly said that all problems begin in the mind. Thus, looking after your mental well being is very important. Keeping the mind strong through highs and lows of life helps you manage the hardships that come your way. Most psychologists resort to giving medication to their patients when they are going through mental trauma. One approach often neglected is focusing on the patients thinking pattern and lifestyle. If this change can be made, then it will become easier to handle breakdown and tribulations. Lifestyle changes can make one feel better even when things are not smooth sailing. Here are a few such activities or lifestyle routines that affect your mental health positively.

1. Physical activity and alternative therapies

Engaging in exercise or sports can give your mood a lift as feel good endorphins are released after a workout. Go out for a stroll in the evening or jog briskly in the morning. Therapies like yoga and tai-chi also help in promoting mental health. While, breathing exercises and meditation can make you feel tranquil and optimistic.

2. Diet

Include healthy, fresh and wholesome foods in your diet. Improved nutrition is also good for your mental well being. Due to heavy processing, most foods available in the market are deficient in vitamins and minerals. So, take multivitamins and mineral supplements daily. Fish oils and omega 3 fatty acid pills are very good for the brain. Dark chocolates and red wine promote health. While, spicy foods can give a boost to your mood.

3. Be sociable

Meet people and keep the company of others for a few hours daily. Stay in touch with family and friends. Mingle with your neighbors and colleagues. Engage in social service or charity work. Try to be more outgoing if you are reserved. Interaction and communication can lift a person’s mood drastically.

4. Habits that help to relax

A person’s mood is influenced by their thinking pattern and quality of thoughts. Ditch negative feelings like guilt, repentance, jealousy, melancholy, etc. Replace all negative thoughts with positive ones. Stay optimistic about life and keep fear or doubts at bay. Smile more often and laugh as much as possible. All these habits can make one feel upbeat.

5. Hobbies and leisure activities

Never sit idle or keep your mind unoccupied. Engage yourself in some absorbing activity or hobby. Listen to music, watch movies, play video games or read a book. Even painting, sculpting, cooking and gardening can make one feel spirited.

A healthy lifestyle instills a feel good vibe and improves a person’s brain function. In fact, it has been scientifically established that many activities release endorphins in the body, which help to induce a sense of well being. Therefore, it is a good idea to go for natural therapy or make lifestyle changes as they can enhance mental fitness and affect your psyche positively.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on Design and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a wooden headsets. These days she is busy in writing an article on punk clothing.