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Last Updated: June 12, 2011  304 views

Does beer make you fat?

in: Lifestyle

girl-drinking-beer Many a people use “beer makes me fat” argument, when describing their favorite drink, or talking about how it is bad for health. Even I have been on receiving side of this argument hundreds of times. But is it really a truth, or just some excuse which has become a myth? Today we will discuss whether beer makes you fat or not. But first of all  let’s have a look at nutrient chart of beer.


One look and any one can tell that the above argument against beer is totally invalid. No fat and no cholesterol, what does it mean? It means that beer is not responsible for making you fat. There are other health issues that might be caused because of enough carbohydrates, but eating potato, bread, rice, are more dominant factors in those issues too.

For those who think this data is just to promote beer, and is made up, let me be clear this is the exact data from government authorities who chart out nutrient information in every food product. Also, this is the reason why addicts are mostly skinny, and die because of lack of proper nutrients. Alcohol gives you a lot of calories to burn, so you might feel more energetic, but without nutrients, it cannot serve as a food supplement. So, word of advice to addicts, “kindly do eat proper food, alcohol alone cannot make you live long enough”.

Now, the question is, if beer (or any alcohol, for that matter) doesn’t make you fat, then why is that, people will lavish lifestyle end up being fat. The answer lies in food. Common type of food that goes with a mug of beer includes fried, spicy and oily food. And yes, oil is prime reason for all the fat that you have around your belly. And to make matter worse, alcohol makes you feel hungry, making you eat more than your normal capacity or requirement.

So, if you do have a beer (which I do not recommend, because of a lot of other issues), make sure to eat proper food, and not junk food.  Also, if you are drinking, drink responsibly. Beer doesn’t make you fat, but it might well cause a lot of issues in your personal and professional life. If you are planning to quit drinking, do it for a proper reason, like using your time to do better things than stay drunk, or because you always end up having one too many drinks. Say no to alcohol, but for a proper reason, not because someone told you it makes you fat.