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Last Updated: September 26, 2014  131 views

Healthier Eating Transitions

in: Lifestyle

Weight LossObesity has become a common problem all around the world. This, in turn, has led to so many other diseases like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, teeth problems, allergies and many more. Most of the problem in the body arises due to our unhealthy eating habits. Although all of us realize the importance of healthy food, very few of us are actually able to make this transition. Even though we start a healthy eating plan, many of us fail to stick to it and give in to our temptations sooner or later. Here are few ways to make your transition easier and help you to stick to it.

1. Understand that it will take time

Many people are not able to stick to their plan just because they set unrealistic goals. You need to give time to your body to adjust to the new food habits. Do not make drastic changes all of a sudden. Understand that switching over to healthy eating is a slow process and will not come overnight. In addition, the results of healthy diet will also come gradually. Therefore, have patience and make the transition easy. Start by giving up just one food and then slowly move on to the other unhealthy foods.

2. Replace unhealthy food with healthier alternatives

Many people dread healthy eating because they feel it will be impossible for them to satisfy their cravings. When you give up all the junk food, you need to replace them with something healthier. For example, cut down sugar and replace it with fruits. If you feel like having soda drinks, replace it with a healthy fruit smoothie. This way, you will not only be able to have nutritious diet, but also satisfy your cravings. Once you stop your cravings, transition will become easier and you will definitely be able to stick to your healthy diet for long.

3. Prepare food at home

Homemade food is always healthier than packaged or readymade food. Preparing your own food will also allow you to keep a check on the ingredients you add. You will also be able to give it the particular taste you prefer. Use all the fresh vegetables, whole grains, lentils and fruits to prepare variety of interesting dishes. Learn to prepare healthy meals like soups, salads and baked vegetables. Give up breakfast cereals and replace it with some oats or whole wheat breads prepared at home.

Once you stay away from color, preservatives and other unhealthy additions of packaged food, you will be able to enjoy a healthier life.

4. Combine good food habits with regular exercise

To remain fit and healthy, it is very important to burn away your calories. This, however, does not mean you can eat unhealthy food and then exercise to burn the extra calories. Healthy diet in combination with regular workout has great results for mind and body. It will help you to stay away from several types of diseases and also keep you energetic all through your life. So, try to include vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains in your diet and start a regular exercise plan. This transition will help you to remain healthy.

5. Ask a friend to help

It is always fun to have a company with you. So, try to be with people who love healthy eating habits. Talking to them and their tactics to remain healthy will keep you motivated. You will enjoy being with each other and together you people can make your healthy eating transition a lot more easy. Discuss about the healthy foods and learn new dishes. Let everything seem like a fun activity and do not stress yourself.

6. Give in to your cravings once in a while

We all are human after all and have desires and cravings. With lots of tasty unhealthy food around us, it is difficult to stop sometimes. Do not be very strict to yourself, or you will feel your energy draining out. It is okay to indulge in a lavish unhealthy, but tasty, dinner once in a while. This will keep you satisfied and help you to control your cravings in a better way. This way, you will also be able to stick to your healthy diet for long and thus you will have a successful healthy eating transition.

Healthy eating transition is not as difficult as we feel. The only thing required is motivation. Keep yourselves motivated in different ways and always indulge in healthy food habits. Experiment with different types of dishes and make it as interesting as you can. Enjoy your transition and always keep yourselves encouraged by the great benefits it has.