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Last Updated: April 9, 2012  147 views

Healthy lifestyle over fad diets

in: Lifestyle

If you aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle, you should avoid shortcuts which come in a form of fad diets. The term fad diet is used for food or diet which is meant to reduce your weight for a short time. In fact these are considered unsafe and unrealistic method. However, you will still see millions of dollars being spent every year on these programs. Fad diet comes as a quick fix and reduces your weight, however, soon you see regaining it the moment you get back to your old eating habits. The reason to avoid these kinds of diet is the fact that they cannot teach you a good lesson of healthy lifestyle especially when you are looking for a long run weight management. They do not motivate people or give them enough will power to change their lifestyle.

Fad diets a close look: You can see lots of fancy and tempting ads yelling to reduce your weight with some fad diets. However, these are all hypothetical claims, which are away from reality. Can you imagine leading a healthy life and reducing weight simply without any exercise? Certainly it is not possible. Fad diets are fancy options which give you quick result, but at the same time return you the same weight when you follow your old eating habits.

They can give quick result since these diets help your body to lose some extra fluid and fat. These results however are temporary till you are having the diet program which is usually ten days to one month. The moment you finish with this program and get back to your old food routine you are back at square one.

Fad diets and its repercussions: As you know the result of fad diet is temporary, hence some people are seen developing a pattern known as ‘yo-yoing’ or weight cycling. In this pattern people keep on gaining and losing weight again and again. This pattern continues for a long run. Many health experts call such pattern as unhealthy, though they do not support with tangible argument. But still a majority of healthcare experts calls a bad sign which can lead some problems in your body in the coming future.

Also, the starvation which is carried out during this program reduces the intake of important nutrients and carbohydrates in your body creating problems for a long run. Experts are seen recommending a healthy and balanced diet along with a natural way of reducing weight which comes through exercises. These are easy and result oriented for you for a long run.

The solution for healthy lifestyle: So, if not fad diet, then what could be the solution? This could be your next question. At the outset get rid of the word diet from your mind. You just need a healthy weight for healthy lifestyle. This can be achieved by eating nutrient dense meals from all the food groups in an appropriate quantity which are healthy for your body. Just make sure you keep a proper balance by consuming all the healthy meals without eliminating anything.

Secondly, you need to change your eating habits, however, don’t expect to see an instant weight loss. You will get slowly and steadily. Check the amount of calories you consume every day and try regulating to the minimum level.

Monitor everything what you eat and drink by having a food dairy for a couple of months till you get into the habit of having good and healthy food. Lastly, stay away from craving food; they are just bad for health. So the idea is to eat everything which is tasty but also nutritious.

If you are looking to lose weight, then relying on fad diets is certainly not a good idea. They will just give you short term happiness but later bring you at square one. Hence it is always preferable to stick to a healthy way of eating along with a routine of proper exercise to keep you healthy and fit. This is not only effective but stays for a long run.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a Sofa Design. These days she is busy in writing an article on vertical farming.