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Last Updated: September 22, 2013  29,725 views

100 Old Filmfare Magazine Covers!

in: Movies

madhubala-filmfare Filmfare is one of the most popular film magazines of India.  It mainly concentrates on Bollywood Hindi Films, actors and actresses. The magazine is currently published by The Times Group, India’s largest media services conglomerate. Filmfare has also created two motion picture awards: the Filmfare Awards for movies in Hindi, and the Filmfare Awards South for movies in the Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu languages. The Filmfare ceremony is one of the oldest and most prominent film events dedicated to Hindi films in India. Today, I am going to share 100 old Filmfare magazine covers. Hope, you will like the collection and share it with your facebook and twitter friends.

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2_75 4_36

5_29 6_28

15_13 16_7

17_11 18_14

19_11 21_18

22_9 45

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1953 11 FILMFARE 1962 09 FILMFARE

1963 10 FILMFARE 1964 04 FILMFARE 2

1965 02 FILMFARE 1967 09 FILMFARE

1970 11 FILMFARE 2 1971 07 FILMFARE

1971 08 FILMFARE 1972 05fILMFARE

1977 02 FILMFARE 1977 03 FILMFARE 1

1978 02 FILMFARE 1978 11 FILMFARE

1980 FILMFARE Dev Anand on Filmfare Magazine Cover - 1957

Dilip Kumar on Filmfare Magazine Cover - 1955 etrer

filmfare FilmfareDev1963

filmfaremalayalam Filmfare-Old-Cover-Page-1

Filmfare-Old-Cover-Page-2 Filmfare-Old-Cover-Page-3

Filmfare-Old-Cover-Page-4 Filmfare-Old-Cover-Page-5

Filmfare-Old-Cover-Page-6 Filmfare-Old-Cover-Page-7

filmfaresatyajitray Filmfarevyjayanthi

Geeta Bali Momorial Issue, Filmfare Magazine - Feb 1965 Hindi Movie Actress Sharmila Tagore in Bikini - Filmfare Magazine 1966 b

images Indian Film Actress Nimmi on Filmfare Magazine Cover - 1959

Indian Movie Actress Suchitra Sen on Filmfare Magazine Cover - 1958 Kishore Kumar on Filmfare Magazine Cover - May 1957

madapril1986_1337095731 Madhubala on Filmfare Magazine Cover - 1957

madjan1989_1337146689 madoct1988_1337095766

Mala Sinha on Filmfare Magazine Cover - August 1958 nimmi-1960

suraiya-filmfare-19521 nadira-1956

babita-filmfare-1970 shashikala-filmfare-1953

Nutan on Filmfare Magazine Cover - 1959 Nutanfilmfare

Raj Kapoor on Filmfare Magazine Cover - 1958 Rekha in Filmfare Magazine Cover - 1971

rtrt Shyama on Filmfare Magazine Cover - December 1956

Sridevi - Unqestionably No. 1 Sridevi saif ali khan filmfare cover

srkkajolfilmfare tumblr_m88fx6KoGV1rbfjddo1_400

Untitled-1-700s~0 Waheeda Rehman on Filmfare Magazine Cover - 1958

$T2eC16ZHJH8E9qSEWym BRmO(ehiIw~~60_35 2ndcover_1356596646

filmfarebachchandilip-e1367070957955 filmfaremag

Shashi-Kapoor241 usha-kiron-1952-filmfare

moushumi-filmfare1 priya-rajvansh

zeenat-aman-filmfare geetabali-1953-filmfare

kamlesh-kumari-1955-filmfare parveen-bobby-1976

sadhana-filmfare-1970 moushmi-vinod-1974

8_27 10_25

12_39 14_12

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    It has been a real treat for my eyes, heart and soul to go through the images of so many Filmfare covers starting right from 1952 issues onwards. Thanks for this extraordinary compilation of FF covers.

    Rajnish Manga on October 3rd, 2013
  • 2

    Do you have the October/November 1970 issues of Filmfare? I am looking for the article about Dev Anand’s meeting with Bhaktivedanta Swami, the leader of the Hare Krishna movement, in early October 1970. Anand met with the Swami and his devotees in a house on Marine Drive. I was also there. Filmfare covered the event. If you have it, do you mind sharing the article?! I live in Los Angeles, and am writing a memoir of those days.
    Sincerely, Sam Speerstra (Shyamasundar das)

    sam speerstra on July 7th, 2014
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    Dear Abhi,
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