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Last Updated: March 5, 2010  1,887 views

25 greatest Asian film actors of all time

in: Movies

AmitabhCNN has published a list of 25 greatest Asian film actors of all time. The list has actors from India, China, Japan, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Korea. There are five Indian actors in this list. Guru Dutt, Nargis, Meena Kumari, Amitabh Bachchan and Pran have been named in the list of CNN’s top 25 Asian actors of all time. India has highest number of actors in the list. CNN compared Guru Dutt to famous Hollywood director Orson Welles (Citizen Kane) and praised him for movies like Pyasa and Kagaz ke phool. Amitabh was picked for his role in zanjeer movie which established him as ‘angry young man’ of Indian cinema. See the complete list of 25 actors.

‘In the history of the Academy Awards only two Asians have ever taken home Best Actor or Actress statue (we don’t count Ben Kingsley as true Asian). Yet Asia has produced incredibly talented thespians that have changed the course of their nations cinematic history,’ CNN

  1. China: Zhou Xun
  2. China: Gong Li
  3. China: Ruan Lingyu
  4. Hong Kong: Leslie Cheung
  5. Hong Kong: Josephine Siao
  6. Hong Kong: Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
  7. Japan: Toshiro Mifune
  8. Japan: Tomisaburo Wakayama
  9. Japan: Takeshi Kitano
  10. India: Guru Dutt
  11. India: Amitabh Bachchan
  12. India: Pran
  13. India: Nargis
  14. India: Meena Kumari
  15. Pakistan: Mohammad Ali
  16. Pakistan: Zeba
  17. Sri Lanka: Malini Fonseka
  18. Korea: Ahn Sung-ki
  19. Korea: Shim Eun-ha
  20. Singapore: Ng Chin Han
  21. Singapore: Fann Wong
  22. Thailand: Petchara Chaowarat
  23. Thailand: Mitr Chaibancha
  24. Malaysia: P. Ramlee
  25. Cambodia: Kong Som Eurn

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    What about Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar.. They are not included in the list. I am not satisfied with the list.. Either it should be greatest 50 or 100 why 25.. Nobody knows.. CNN sucks..

    Prabhu shankar on March 5th, 2010
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    It is surprising as well as shoking that the names of Uttam Kumar & Suchitra Sen-The Megastars of Bengali as well as Indian Film Industry,is not mentioned in the list.Even after the death of Uttam Kumar, some thirty years ago,he is considered to be one of the tallest Filmstars of the world.Infact it is the films of Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen,which have drawn billions of non-Bengali people like me to take interest in Bengali movies.Another giant of Bangla film industry, Mr. Soumitra Chatterjee’s name is also missing from the list.He is an international acclaimed Actor,and he brought global recognition to the Indian film Industry,by acting in the lead roles of almost 95% of the memorable films,made by the Oscar winning legendary Director,the late Satyajit Ray.I dont know,on what basis,the CNN has made this list?

    Vishwanath Singh on May 21st, 2010
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    one of the worst list i have ever uttam kumar,kamal hassan,mohanlal,soumitra chatterjee..this list is joke.

    sayan on February 5th, 2011