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Last Updated: September 12, 2009  1,199 views

Ekta’s Kissing Audition

in: Movies

Ekta KapoorIt seems Ekta Kapoor is all set for a new venture much different from her regular Saas-Bahu daily soaps. Recently our small screen queen Ekta conducted an audition for her new unchristened show which was way different from her repertoire. In this audition participants were asked to kiss other random person of opposite sex and that too with mark torridity. Around 200 lad and lasses were there for the audition and they were asked to show the kissing talent, this announcement stunned everyone in the earshot and some even found it better just not give it a try and walked off. But some couple were too excited and didn’t miss the lucky chance and tried to kiss with lots of fervor and around 83 couples were shortlisted from this audition. Adam Bedi, his wife Nisha and MTV Splitsvilla 2 winner Sakshi Pradhan were some of the actors who were among the bold ones who participated.

Kissing Arena

Its hard to believe that it is the same Ekta who portrays traditional ideal families of all genres. When asked from the project head, Vikas Gupta, he confirmed this news but didn’t divulge much details.It is being said that this project is Ekta’s pet project and she herself is perusing through niceties of each and every aspect of this venture. When asked by a daily about this latest development, she said, “Right now, all I will say is that I am creating a new medium and this is not anything cheap but something very classy waiting to happen.” Maybe she is taking respite from her regular Saas-Bahu flick (to the relief of those tormented by this). Lets see whether it’s name also starts from ‘K’ or not.