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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  154 views

Fashion movie review

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fashion-Priyanka.jpgToday I watched Madhur Bhandarkar’s latest movie “Fashion”. This movie has stars including Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and newcomers Mugdha Godse and Arjan Bajwa. The story is based on the dark side of the world of fashion. Actually this movie depicts reality of fashion world through the eye of protagonist Priyanka Chopra. The protagonist’s role is based on famous supermodel Shivani Kapoor’s life and Kangana’s role as a former supermodel who faces downfall and comes to the streets is based on the real life story of model Gitanjali Kashyap.

The whole story revolves around Priyanka Chopra (Meghna Mathur) who is a small town girl who becomes a super model in Mumbai fashion world. The music of the movie is composed by Salim-Sulaiman. The lyrics are by Sandeep Nath and Irfan Siddique. The music and songs have become hit and even songs like “Jalwa'” are playing on top of the Indian charts. Special themes like “Theme of Fashion” are also a big hit.

fashion.jpgThe story of the movie is unique and based on real life incidents in fashion industry. This is the magic of Madhur’s films. That’s why I always love to watch his movies. The acting of Priyanka and Kangana is superb. No surprise, this movie is doing better business than Golmaal returns movie which was released on the same day as that of Fashion. The movie beautifully describes the rise and fall of a super model. One thing I love about this film is the encouragement shown by the well-wishers, family and friends of Meghna when she was at the verge of complete disaster.

That incident teaches us the lesson that we should forget our old friends even during the time of success. Because in case of any tragedy and difficulty only true and old?friends come for help. Meghna’s friends helping her during her bad days is the most emotinal and sentimental scene of the movie. Overall the movie is worth watching at least one time.

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    looks like a must watch movie ??

    Ajay on November 17th, 2008