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Last Updated: August 7, 2008  221 views

Has Shahrukh quit smoking?

in: Hot Shot,Movies

srk_smoke.jpgLast week I read one news in Malayala Manorma about Shahrukh Khan that he has quit smoking. He told the news reporter that he has quit smoking due to his child. But again in another interview on Monday King Khan replied “No” to this question. He also told that he has no plans to quit smoking. Actually Shah Rukh Khan told the Malayala Manorama reporter that he thought of quitting smoking while he traveled 17 hours on a flight without lighting a cigarette. He thought he can do without smoking in flight, then he can also live without it on land too. But as soon as he landed he forgot everything when he lighted his cigarette. For smoking he has always been criticized by eminent personalities as he is setting a bad example for young generation of India. But he is regular smoker of Marlboro lights.

What I feel he is still unable to quit smoking due his recent controversies like Aamir Khan calling him dog in his blog, his enmity with Bachchan family and his recent spat with Salman Khan. People generally smoke in case of lot of stress and pressures because of personal and economic problems. Smoking gives us somewhat relaxation and makes us happy. It also gives us energy to tackle real life problems.