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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  209 views

Kismet Konnection movie review

in: Movies

Kismet_Konnection.jpgThe title of the movie attracts me. It reflects the importance of luck in the life of any person. It is a story of a man who does not follow the normal trends of society. Unlike his other friends, he does not go for a job in a big company. Rather he starts his own company and tries to build it with his friend. In first half an hour, I thought this movie is based on entrepreneurship. But finally like thousands of hindi movies, it ends up with normal spicy scenes, dance numbers, unreal co-incidences etc. But overall I liked the movie. You should watch this movie for at least one time. It’s not a great story or an extraordinary film. But it’s a nice, cute and emotional movie.

vidya_shahid.JPGKismet Konnection is directed by Aziz Mirza. He is a well known hindi film director who has directed movies like Yes Boss, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani and Chalte Chalte. In this movie, Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan are in the lead roles with Juhi Chawla and Om Puri in supporting roles. This movie has been produced by Ramesh S Taurani under the banner of Tips Industries. Except the title song, I don’t like other songs. Kismet Konnection is said to be inspired by the Hollywood film, Just My Luck which stars Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine.

Vidya.JPGThis is a story about an architect called Raj Malhotra (Shahid Kapoor). During his engineering days, he was topper. Unlike his other friends he didn’t join any company. He starts his own business and is search of a client or project. All the things he does goes wrong. The he saw a television ad of Haseena Bano Jann (Juhi Chawla). She is a gypsy who advises people and help them to get rid of their troubles and failures. She tells him that his time is not good and he needs a lucky charm or a person who can change his life. Meanwhile, he meets Priya (Vidya Balan) who wants to save a community center which takes care of old men and women. Raj thinks that Priya is his lucky charm. He associates her with his new project of a shopping mall. Raj lies to Priya by telling her that he will help her save it but instead he is trying to build a shopping mall. Now what happens in the end? Will Priya get success in saving the community center and will Raj achieve his dreams of making a shopping mall? For getting the answers I would recommend you to watch the movie.