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Last Updated: July 6, 2008  534 views

Shilpa Shetty says Come on, Kiss me

in: Hot Shot,Movies

Shilpa-Shetty.jpgThis was her second time. Yeah it was live kissing scene on stage in front of thousand of fans in London. Shilpa Shetty collected 63,000 pound for charity at star event of gala night. This amount will go for charity, the Silver Star Appeal, which runs mobile diabetes assessment units. In this star night, Shilpa auctioned her kisses for 12, 500 pounds to her fan. Shilpa climbed up to the stage, took the mike and told her audience of London glitterati: ‘Come on people – this is for charity. The winner will get a kiss from me!’ The bid was won by a young man who pledged 12, 500 pounds for the dinner – and also picked up three kisses on the cheek as a bargain. She also commented on previous controversy with Hollywood star Richard Gere. She said ” the kiss will be on cheek. I don’t want my effigies burnt again.”

Actually last year she was caught in controversy when Richard Gere kissed her on stage during an AIDS awareness program in New Delhi. The Hindu organizations in India protested against this act of public kissing and burnt her effigies and filed case against her and Gere in court. She is a well known celebrity in Britain after winning the Channel 4’s reality TV show, “Big Brother” in 2007. In that event she got racial remarks from her fellow actress. As a result of sympathy in her favor, she won the contest with 63 % of the votes.

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    holy crap bro..

    This is for real?

    Shilpa is expensive for what shes offering

    Andy on July 8th, 2008
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    LoL !

    that’s a great post…

    Shilpa..go Girl!

    Emma on July 8th, 2008