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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  258 views

Singh is Kinng movie review

in: Movies

Singh_is_Kinng.JPGThis weekend I visited PVR to watch the new movie of Akshay Kumar, Singh is Kinng. I was amazed by the response of the people for this movie. The whole theater was fully packed and all the shows of this movie were running house full. According to latest box office reports, Singh is Kinng” opening weekend gross ticket sales are Rs 59.5 crore worldwide. It has shattered all previous opening weekend box office records. The film has received excellent response in Delhi,UP, Rajasthan, Punjab, UK, Canada, USA and Pakistan. If this trend will continue for the second week also then there are chances that it will become the most successful hindi movie of the year. After this huge success, it won’t be an exaggeration to call Akshay Kumar the real “King”.

Akshay_Katrina.JPGKatrina Kaif has played the lead role along with Akshay Kumar. For the first I have seen a Hindi movie with all main characters Sikhs. About 75% of the movie was shot in Australia, around the Gold Coast region and Brisbane. The movie is inspired from 1961 Frank Capra movie Pocketful of Miracles and the 1989 Jackie Chan movie Miracles. There is nothing special in the story of this movie. Let me briefly give you an idea about the story. Lucky Singh(Sonu Sood) is the “king” of the Australian underworld. Happy Singh(Akshay Kumar) who is brother of Lucky Singh promises his brother to bring Lucky back to India. But due to series of incidents Happy Singh himself becomes the king. Meanwhile he meet Sonia(Katrina Kaif) and starts loving her. Soon Happy Singh realizes that being the “king” is no great thing. In the end he returns to India with his brother and Sonia.

Akshay Kumar has shown charismatic screen presence in the movie. Hot and sexy Katrina is excellent on screen. Her acting is improving and again she is looking gorgeous in front of camera. Pritam’s music is above average. But out of all the songs only two are good, one is “Bus ek king” and other is “Teri Ore”. If you like light comedy movies like “No Entry”, “Welcome”, then this movie will prove a good entertainer for you.