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Last Updated: September 30, 2012  941 views

Thodasa roomani ho jayen

in: Movies

Anita-KanwarLast night, I got chance to watch Thodasa roomani ho jayen on YouTube. It is a Hindi movie directed by Amol Palekar and released in 1990. Anita Kanwar, Nana Patekar and Vikram Gokhale are the main actors in the movie. Actually it is remake of 1956 English movie The Rainmaker. It is story of a simple and unconventional girl Anita Kanwar who has completely lost her self-confidence due to people around her including father and brothers. They always keep advising her ‘what she should be’. Then, Nana Patekar, a rainmaker, comes into their lives. He claims that he can bring rain. Nana helps Anita and her brothers to realize the potential of believing, self-confidence and determination.

Initially Nana annoys Anita but gradually she begins to like him. Anita’s elder brother thinks that she is not beautiful and that is why she has remained unmarried for so long. Nana Patekar, the rainmaker instills self-confidence in her by reminding her that beauty lies skin-deep. Similarly he inspires her younger brother to fearlessly indulge in his favorite hobby of playing drums, which he had been avoiding all the time to escape his elder brother’s taunts and remarks.

Nana Patekar and Anita Kanwal are brilliant in their respective roles. Vikram Gokhale and other casts have provided adequate support. The poem-like dialogues are excellent and thought-provoking. The theme of the movie is the clash between optimistic and pessimistic persons. It shows the importance of hope and belief in the life. I think, we all should watch this movie, at least one time. You would definitely love to see how Nana Patekar, the rainmaker changes every family member’s outlook towards life and turns them optimistic and confident.

Badalo ka naam na ho ambar ki chaon mein
Jalta ho jangal khud apni hi chaon mein

Yehi to hai mausam
Yehi to hai mausam
Aao tum aur hum barish ke nagme gungunaye

roomani ho aye

Mushkil hai jeena umeed ke bina
Thode se sapna sajayae

Thodasa roomani ho jaye
Thodasa roomani ho jaye

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