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Last Updated: November 18, 2011  322 views

4 States :: The story of Madame Mayawati

in: Politics

C_M_ Of Uttar Pradesh - Mayawati The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Miss Mayawati has proposed to divide Uttar Pradesh in four states. I think this proposal is completely against the unity and integrity of Indian republic. There have already been demands related to new states in other parts of country. We can’t forget the Telangana stir, which has badly hit the life of common man in Andhra Pradesh. Also there have been demands for separate Vidharbha state in Maharashtra and demand for separate and independent Gorkhaland in north-east.

If all demands are fulfilled, our country will be divided into several small small states and believe me, it would be very difficult for the central government to manage and run all the states efficiently. The local political parties will become stronger and there will problem of stability of the central government. The pressure on the national treasure will increase and it would definitely result in greater fiscal deficit in our annual budgets.

Mayawati’s proposal is just a political move aimed solely at boosting support for her party ahead of 2012 UP elections. It is just a political stunt to mislead common man and divert the attention from core issues and governance problems in Uttar Pradesh.

Now Mayawti has no scope left, she can’t divide people further on caste because they are already divided. Now only thing remains is to divide the people on the issues of separate and smaller states.

She doesn’t want to miss this golden opportunity to divide Uttar Pradesh as she has around 9 months left in UP government. By dividing the state, she is likely to get chance to rule any of the four states.

So the moral of 4 states :: The story of Madame Mayawati is

The dalit queen wants to divide the state to win just one more election and nothing else. Creating new states is as good as dividing the nation and increasing the number of wasteful and corrupt state governments.