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Last Updated: September 22, 2013  3,082 views

5 satirical cartoons on UPA Government

in: Politics

143455_thump The entire nation is worried, angry and frustrated with the misgovernance of the incumbent United Progressive Alliance (UPA) laid by Indian National Congress. The Government has become a national calamity as the country is suffering from economic slowdown, depression in the currency, high inflation rate, scam after scam, huge corruption in Government offices and companies, day by day increasing petrol and diesel prices, terror attacks, threats from neighboring nations, issues of women’s safety. This list is endless. The so called India’s aam aadmi is almost on the verge of bankruptcy. He is desperately looking for change. Anyway, right now we can’t do anything but at least see and appreciate these 5 satirical cartoon on UPA Government and its ministers.

It is due to UPA Government’s dual power center the Prime Minister of India who is supposed to be the supreme leader appears to run the Government for the Congress President Sonia Gandhi.?

See the home page of the website of Dr. Manmohan Singh

funny indian politicians photo collection (8)

A Mumbai eatery with quirky food bills mocking the UPA government was harassed and asked to shut down by angry Congress party workers who could not digest this criticism.


Kapil Sibal’s move to regulate internet content was strongly criticized across many social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Corruption in UPA Government has broken all old records


Amul’s cartoon on the rise of Rahul Gandhi in Congress Party