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Artist Hitler changing to Hilter

in: Politics

Hitler_Adolf.jpgNothing can remain as constant and when it comes to be at the top there will be a dynamic in nature as no body can hold it long with himself, it a common saying “whatever goes up will come down”, so it happened with Hitler. He was a common man who tried to do things very different, which has brought him to be noticed. Hitler was the fourth child to the parents of Alois and Klara Hitler. They used to live in Austria. Hitler was a good student since his childhood. He took singing lessons and sang in the church choir. When he was teenager, he began to rebel. The signs of the hie marveick nature should some sign when he left school at the age of 16, for the passion to become artist. As a result, he left his home and took all the money which his dad has left for him, had died a few years earlier. This money was enough for tuition and board at the art school in Vienna.

Young_Hitler.jpgThe Vienna School of Fine Arts had strict entrance requirements. After taking the preliminary examination, the applicant was asked to submit drawings. Biblical drawings were most preferred. Hitler’s drawings were returned saying they were “too wooden and too lifeless.” He was rejected. He tried three months later and did not get past the preliminary exam. His artist career was over. Meanwhile, his mother died two months later on December 21st 1907.

Hitler_Germany_Army.JPGDuring this time, he started to to take interest in politics, and read a lot about Austrian government sessions. During this time he worked as a casual labor then as painter of little trifles.He painted water postcards and peddled them on the streets. He drew several advertising posters for such things as soap, cigarettes, and deodorant. In 1913 Adolf Hitler moved to Munich which is in southern Germany. During the First World War, in 1914, he volunteered for service in the German army and was accepted into the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment . He showed his bravely in the war and was promoted to corporal and decorated with both the Iron Cross Second Class and First Class, the latter of which he wore until his dying day. The regimental captain who recommended him for the award was Jewish. The day of the announcement of the armistice in 1918, Hitler was in hospital recovering from temporary blindness caused by a British gas attack in the Ypres Salient.. Hitler was disappointed when he heard the news of Germany’s surrender. In December 1918 he returned to his regiment back in Munich

adolf_hitler.jpgThen a change happened in the Hitler’s life. He was given job of guarding a post. He was later given an undercover agent job. As part of Hitler’s job, he investigated a party called “the German Workers’ party.” He was disgusted how the group had no organization, although he was in favor of many of the party’s ideas. To follow up with his job, he joined the group to make sure they were no threat to the government. The group was severely hurting by their lack of attendance due to the lack of communication with the group. Hitler took hold, and made a drastic change in the publicity done by the group. Hitler finally found his talent as a great orator. He first became aware of his talent while teaching at the University of Munich. When he talked, he held his audiences spellbound. He would sometimes lose five pounds a night by getting so active in his speeches. Due to his inspiring speeches, attendance of the German Workers’ Party went from under one hundred to almost 1000. Then he changed the name of the party to National Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazi Party. Hitler himself designed the party’s flag, a white background with a broken cross in the middle and took the whole party under his control. Violence was now become the party’s trademark.