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Last Updated: September 27, 2012  1,147 views

Rahul Gandhi :: Next Prime Minister of India?

in: Politics

65 years back when Pandit Nehru addressed the nation at the historical Red Fort and became the first prime minister, not a single person, who witnessed that golden moment, would have thought that the nation would be going to be ruled by him and his relatives for the next 4 decades. Unfortunately, it happened. My gradfather saw Pandit Nehru becoming the first prime minister, my father saw the emergency under the leadership of Mrs. Indira Gandhi and anti-sikh riots and Bofors scam when Rajiv Gandhi was prime minister. Almost 40 years, the entire nation was under the control of one family, the great Gandhi family.

The Gandhi family has dominated India’s political scene for much of the period since the country’s independence from Britain in 1947. Now what’s next? Will I also carry forward this tradition and see Rahul Gandhi delivering a speech from behind bulletproof glass on the ramparts of The Red Fort.

Before going further, let me clear one point. This Gandhi family has no relation to Mahatma Gandhi, either by blood or marriage. Indira Gandhi was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru. The surname “Gandhi” came to her by marriage to Feroz Gandhi. I don’t want to go into these details but this information is very important that Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation is not related to the so called royal family of India.

Now the point is that a large section of Congress Party, Indian media and opposition leaders believe that Rahul may become the next prime minister of India. In 2004 general elections, Rahul Gandhi was elected to the Parliament for the first time. Rahul represents a fourth generation of Gandhi family in Indian politics.

Now I will show you one YouTube video. The video clearly suggests that the sycophantic party cannot even think of an alternative. Rahul Gandhi has become the last hope of the Congress.

There is one more video Has Rahul Gandhi come of age?

If you carefully analyze these two videos, you will see

  1. First video has 6 dislikes and another one has 24 dislikes. Total no. of likes for these two videos were only 4.
  2. Both the videos have been contributed by NDTV ??
  3. Adding comments has been disabled for these two videos.

Now friends, let’s see the most viewed YouTube videos on Rahul Gandhi. This video has more than 2.25 lakh views and 838 likes/58 dislikes

If you go through the comments given on these video, you will find that the Indian youth does not like Rahul Gandhi. Very few people outside the Indian politics think that this guy has calibre to sit at the top post of the country. He cleary lacks something, some magic which should be there in a leader. I haven’t seen him attending any television interviews or delivering impressive speech. No one knows what he stands for. What is his ideology? Does he support FDI in retail? What are his thoughts on Pakistan? What are his views on corruption, poverty, increasing population? He can’t differentiate between RSS (nationalist group) and terrorist organization (SIMI). After a serious bomb blast, he said that “it was very difficult to stop every single terror attack”. He does not look like right PM material.

One more video, here you will see, how our future PM accepts his mistake.

Now let’s come to the point. Till now I have presented the view of millions of educated middle class. But I am sorry to say that they don’t participate into the elctoral process. In the era of globalization, the Indian youth is so deeply involved to fulfill his unending quench for attaining material pleasure that he fails to realize his larger national responsibility. That’s the reason why Rahul Gandhi is the favourite choice to be the country’s next prime minister, according to CNN-IBN opinion poll held in August 2011.

In my opinion, educated Indians might not go for Rahul Gandhi but it is obvious that he seems to have great support from the rural voters. The educated Indian middle class can debate and argue endlessly but if Rahul Gandhi captures the rural vote, nobody can stop him from becoming the next prime minister.

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    He does not deserve this post…. Now we can’t tolerate one more Gandhi at the top post..

    sunita singh on December 11th, 2011
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    A group of people self declared civil society Team Ann has created a condition against Indian state, which has long lasting effect on Indian polity. Team Ann says that they have framed a lokpal bill so called Jan lokpal bill, that bill is most suited to the India. Now question arise whether the provisions of Jan Lokpal Bill are as suitable as they cannot put under debate in Parliament. What are the contentious provisions of jan lokpal and what are their effect on Indian State. Now it needs to be analyzed:
    Prime Minister: PM can be investigated with permission of seven member Lokpal bench. I think it is not so, because Primister is elected by 120 crore people of India. Since we have adopted the Parliamentary system of democracy. Members of Parliament are being elected by the people of India and these Member of Parliament elects the Priminister of India. So until Parliamentary System of Government is present in India, through Parliament Priminister is Supreme. By questioning the supremacy of Priminister we are questioning the Supremacy of constitution. How one cans belief that if Priminister of India is dishonest then lokpal will not be dishonest. Otherwise if we have to faith someone. Why that is not Priminister, Why that is Lokpal.
    Judiciary, Judiciary Can be investigated, though high level members may be investigated only with permission of a seven member Lokpal bench: it means Lokpal is above the Judiciary. 3 crore 27 lacks cases are pending before Judiciary. When we put Judiciary under Lokpal due to fear of prosecution no Judge will decide any case. No decision no mistake no prosecution by Lokpal.From Supreme Court to lower courts there are thousands of Judges. The problem of Judiciary is not the corruption, problem is delay in decision. If judiciary will be brought under Lokpal certainly decisions will be delayed due to fear.
    Conduct of Member of Parliament Conduct of Member of Parliament can be investigated with permission of seven member Lokpal bench: Suppose any member has put a bill which is in favor of a larger group and adversely affecting to a small segment of the society. If that group makes a complaint against that MP that MP has ulterior motive to benefit a group of people so Lokpal should start prosecution against that MP. How you expect that MPs will perform their duties in Parliament.
    Lower Bureaucracy: all public servants would be included: Jan Local is adopting the Singapore modle.The population of Singapore is lesser than that total number of central government employees. Regarding lower bureaucracy it needs to be reconsidered. There is a Hindi proverb”Eakai sade sab sadhe; Sab sade sab jai” .If you will punish to a central minister or secretary of central government, lower employees will automatically stop corruption. Instead of punishing 100 lekhpal, gram secretery, punish a collector of a district, lekhpal will automatically stop corruption. If district collector has no interest in corruption why he will protect to his sub ordinates. I have seen a film. In that film when teacher came to the class students starts shooting, one teacher leave the class another also leave the class after beating one two student. No teacher was ready to teach the class. Ultimately a teacher agrees to teach the class. When he reached the class students started hooting, teacher did not showed any response to the hooting. He continued teaching keeping in mind which student is master mind of this activity. Ultimately he came to know that son of chairman of the college is master mind behind whole drama. He gone to that student and put two hands on his mouth. Whole class had pin drop silence. It is almost impossible to tackle the corruption from Pradha to Pradhan Mantri. Check the corruption at top level, lower corruption will automatically stop. As I have stated earlier 3 crore 27 lacks cases are pending before judiciary. Due to abundance of cases of least importance cases of higher importance remain neglected. Similarly if whole employees will be put under Lokpal, corruption at apex level cannot be controlled.
    As Jan Lokpal says Lokpal should have power to entertain complaints against anyone can enquire the case and start prosecution and sentence punishment. It means Lokpal is omnipotent. He can do anything. When constitution was laid down, three wings of government were framed. Legislative to frame laws, executive to execute laws and judiciary to keep eyes on act of legislative and executive. But if Judiciary crosses its limit parliament has power to check the Judiciary. But when Lokpal will cross the limit that will check Lokpal. I want to tell you a story. In a village there was a farmer. he had a warehouse to store wheat and rice. That warehouse became infested with rats. Farmer start thinking how these rats can be controlled. He had three options one he can use poison, can use mouse traps, or can kill the rat by beating by sticks. Instead of using these measures he put a snake to remove the rats. After some days rats had been finished. One day when farmer gone inside the warehouse to collect bag of rice, that snake bite the farmer and farmer was dead. Wheater we are not heading toward rearing snake to kill rats.
    I have seen the film Gazni. When Mr. Aamir Khan says that there is thin line of division between confidence and ahankar. When I say I can do it. It is my confidence but when I say that only I can do it .It is my Ahankar. Only my Lokpal is Right. I think it cames under second category. Rules are framed in Parliament not on road. Pl doesn’t destroy the constitutional system. Otherwise it will be painful to whole of India not only to Congress.
    Country has number of effective laws they need proper execution. Before 6 years Bihar was a lawless state with least growth rate. Now Bihar is second fastest growing state of India. Constitutional provisions and laws are same as they were before, but person has changed the scenario. Country needs good people along with good laws. Please do not make Indian democracy mobocracy.Team

    R S Chaudhary on December 12th, 2011
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    Rahul Gandhi is not the right choice. God save us from this amul baby.

    Robin on December 12th, 2011
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    If he becomes a PM, country will go to the dogs….

    Umesh K on December 14th, 2011
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    It is indeed strange and inexplicable, that the media and the Congress party have no qualms about completely ignoring more experienced leaders for the purpose of advocating a Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister-ship. Can anyone explain to me how Rahul Gandhi is more qualified and experienced than say Pranab Mukherjee or P. Chidambaram to become PM?

    Srijan on December 18th, 2011
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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Game over for the Nehru megalomaniac dynasty. No chance for Rahul, Sonia and Priyanka now. Nehru’s dynasty stole Mahatma Gandhi’s surname for fame. Why are Mahatma Gandhi’s and Subhash Chandra Bose’s relatives not interfering with Indian politics? People should take high positions based on merit and not based on one’s family background. From now on there should be a law saying that no prime minister should serve more than five years (and a second term in office as prime minister is barred) so that every family has a chance make his son or daughter prime minister and to stop corruption. From now on there should be a law that a person is automatically barred from becoming a prime minister (or chief minister of a state) if his parent, grandparent, great grandparent or great great grandparent was a prime minister (or chief minister of a state). India’s pace of progress is at a slow pace compared to China, Taiwan, S Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, etc. As a fact China has progressed faster under Capitalism than India. The Nehru dynasty is culpable for this as it has ruled India for most of the post independence period. Just like Mid East dictators wanted their children to succeed like Gaddafi, Mubarak, Assad, etc, the Nehru family shows the same hallmarks. Ask Rahul Gandhi how many billion dollars his family has in foreign banks. Some of the Mid-East leaders looted/plundered their nations and to keep it in their family for their children to succeed. The theft money belongs to the people and the banks should hand over the money back to the victim nations.
    Kind regards.

    Bharrat on January 3rd, 2012
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    it is most worst kind of thing for our nation if this man will become next PM

    vipul gupta on October 8th, 2012