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Last Updated: March 12, 2016  7,272 views

This is how Indian Politicians treat IAS Officers!

in: Politics

Azam KhanYesteday, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer from Uttar Pradesh was publicly scolded and abused at a meeting of senior bureaucrats called by the state’s Urban Development Minister Azam Khan. The officer?was abused after he tried to explain why his two other colleagues were missing from the meeting. Azam Khan was seen very angry at the Principal Secretary and the Chief Secretary of the Urban Development Department skipping the meeting.

When?Mr. Khan asked why the two officers?were absent, the Special Secretary said they were busy with some other work. However, hearing this the minister lost his cool and said, “Is the Chief Secretary above the government? Bakwas karte ho…chup baithiye…badtameez kaheen ka.” He then adjourned the meeting and walked out from the hall.

Later while speaking to Press he clarified “We had called the meeting. It was an important meeting. Officers from all over the state had come. The Chief Secretary should have been there. We will not tolerate such indiscipline.”

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It is really sad to see the plight of talented IAS officers in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Our IAS officers are the back bone of governance and they formulate the policies drafted by the Ministers and their associates. But the recent decline in the?quality of Indian leadership has brought hard time for IAS officers. If such incidents happen again and again then it will definitely hurt the morale of new IAS aspirants. The way the politicians are treating the IAS cadre also discourages the people to work in other government services. I think this is one the main reasons why Government jobs are losing their charm now.

So friends, this is the way Indian Politicians treat IAS Officers!

Any comments!

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    the ias cadre is undoubtedly the highest in the country and it is consumed by the brainiest . If the entrance and the parameters set for such posts is such tough , why the posts superior to it has no educational parameters . Why our country is so helpless that it needs to be run by illiterates and criminals. The pothole has been devised by this bloody politicians themselves . We need to ensure eligible and highly literate people should have the power . Curb the practice of cronism and neapotism .

    arun singh on August 29th, 2012
  • 2

    This is why I would love to settle outside India. Honestly, there is hardly anything left in this country to feel proud of. ??

    Jitendra garg on August 29th, 2012
  • 3

    For this reason i would like to negotiate exterior Asia. Actually, there exists hardly anything eventually left on this region to be able to really feel satisfied with.

    Dipa Roy on September 9th, 2012
  • 4

    Indian politicans are all useless.. saare neta chor hain. sab ko jail mein band karo.

    Kabir on September 24th, 2012
  • 5

    this is very depressing….that is why i want to become IFS officer and settle abroad as a forieng ambassy….not in india……….under useless ministers

    GURUSAHEB on December 23rd, 2012
  • 6

    To all of you who want to settle outside India I have one word “Cowards”!!. Seriously, people like these politicians are disgrace to our country but people like you are none less.

    Stop complaining, start acting. The country sees the young Indians for support and you cowards want to run? Be brave, change our motherLand, feel very proud of being an Indian, we taught the world how to live, make India great again (not from Trump’s dictionary!)

    Vikas Indian on July 18th, 2016
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    Brother instead of running away from situation face it. You are the future of our country. Just like ips sangeeta kalia did to minister anil viz.

    shubham on March 25th, 2017
  • 8

    mai maafi chahta hu. sorry

    azam khan on October 20th, 2017