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Last Updated: April 11, 2010  491 views

Assemble and build your own PC

in: Technology,Tips and Tricks

assemble_pc.jpgGenerally when we purchase the computer, we have two options. Either we purchase some branded PC (Pre-assembled PC) or buy assembled PC (Purchase Individual Components). We can buy branded or pre-assembled PC from resellers like HP, IBM, Sony, HCL etc. These resellers charge a premium for the assembly services that they offer. It makes sense that they pay people to assemble custom PCs and, as a result, their PCs carry a price premium when compared to the raw cost of the parts contained within. In second option, you can computer parts like RAM, hard disk, mother board, mouse, monitor, keyboard, graphics card. In this case you have to assemble the PC using these components with the help of some expert The second option is much cheaper as the prices of individual parts are affordable, and probably offer the cheapest path to owning a PC.

But have you ever thought, you can assemble and build your own PC. Yeah, it is possible with Easy AS My PC Kits. These kits include everything you need to build a computer. If you are comfortable with a screw driver, and interested in learning about how to assemble a personal computer, then you must use Easy as my PC kits.

Actually what I feel, there are many advantages of assembling your own PC. The most important one is money saving. By assembling your personal computer instead of paying someone else to do it for you, you can easily cut out one of the major costs included in the price of a pre-assembled pc and save yourself good amount of money. You will get the real idea how a computer works while assembling the PC. There are many PC manufacturers in market like Dell, Compaq, IBM or Sony and the only way to know that each and every component is high quality is to hand select each part on your own. Easy As My PC chooses components from the best manufacturers so you can be assured that your PC is high quality inside and out.

Easy As My PC Kits include Plain-English, fully illustrated assembly instructions (All the instruction that you need in assembling your PC), Mother board, Processor, RAM, Graphics card(s) or ,integrated chip set, Hard drive(s), Optical drives(s), Expansion card options (e.g., TV Tuner, Modem) , Keyboard and mouse, Monitor options, Computer case, Cooling equipment (e.g., fans, heat sinks), Power supply, cables ,Operating system, Manufacturer Warrantees etc.

Through the help of step-by-step, fully illustrated, assembly instructions so you can confidently assemble your own computer in a only few hours like a computer geek So if you are interested in assembling your new PC, then you must try this kit.

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    this article is very useful for as of now i am also planning to upgrade my pc so now i buy the motherboard and processor from the store and assemble at home
    thanks abhishek

    Ajay on April 16th, 2008
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    read my latest post

    Ajay Pathak on April 16th, 2008
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    Dear Sir, what is the benifit of this site to those people who don’t know that how to read english I want that this information should be in hindi. Due to that every one can understand the language and established their own pc without any help.

    Yogender Kumar on May 14th, 2008