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Last Updated: September 28, 2013  178 views

How to become a CEO?

in: Tips and Tricks

Become_CEO.jpgToday I read a wonderful article on how to become a CEO. Here I found 10 golden rules which can help you to become a CEO. Due to growing Indian economy, businesses have become very complex. It has become more challenging for CEOs to make right decisions and manage their employees. The job of a CEO is very difficult that’s why they get handsome salaries and big perks. The important thing, the article?pointed in all CEOs is the behavior and ability to tackle crunch situations in a company. If you want to become a CEO, than?you should behave?like a CEO. Those 10 rules are ..

  • Emotional competence- Emotional competency is very essential. If you are not emotionally stable then you can’t run a big company.
  • Listening habits – Always try to listen others and speak only when required.
  • Rule 30-15 – Come 30 minutes earlier than your boss and leave after 15 minutes after your boss has left.
  • Never write any mail with high emotions.
  • Try to make your boss happy and tension free, always.
  • Always behave like a friend to your subordinates.
  • Always try to convey your honest opinions. While speaking to your boss, don’t speak what they want to listen, speak what you want to say.
  • Always remember honesty and hard work are keys to success.
  • Don’t try to make your Boss your friend, always try to maintain a balance between personal life and professional life.
  • Always think of your goal of becoming a CEO.

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    Solid tips. I know my listening skills need some work. I go to toastmasters to work on my public speaking. Check out this link for writing a CEO keynote.

    John on May 11th, 2008
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    Abhi u blog on ver interesting topics dude

    rizzy on May 16th, 2008