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Last Updated: May 3, 2013  3,016 views

How to listen Vividh Bharati Online?

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Vividh Bharati is one of the most popular radio services which provides entertainment in the form of film music, skits, short plays and interactive programmes. Some of the old popular programmes of Vividh Bharati are ‘Sangeet Sarita’, ‘Bhule Bisre Geet’, Hawa Mahal, ‘Jaimala’, ‘Inse Miliye’, ‘Chhaya Geet’ etc., are still distinctly recognized by the listeners. From time to time new programmes were introduced like ‘Biscope Ke Batein’, ‘Sargam Ke Sitare’, ‘Celluloid Ke Sitare’, ‘Sehatnama’, &’ Hello Farmaish’. Like millions of kids of early 90s, I also grew up listening to Vividh Bharati. I have always been big fan of Vividh Bharati. Bioscope ki baatein, Celluloid Ke Sitare and Hawa Mahal were some of my favorite Radio Programmes.

From last a few years, I couldn’t get chance to revamp this long lost hobby. Many people including me find trouble to listen radio these days, especially in the age of internet and mobile phones. However, it is possible to listen to Vivid Bharati through live streaming resources available on internet.

In 1999 Vividh Bharati Service proved its success connecting Indian Soldiers posted on remote border areas to their family members through a special programme entitled “Hello Kargil” (during Kargil War), through which not only the family members of the soldiers , but even a layman including young and old conveyed their best wishes to the soldiers to keep up their morale.

Eminent actors, play back singers, renowned writers, lyricists, directors and music directors have found way to express their experience and opinion through the Vividh Bharati Platform .

With the advent of new technology the transmission of programmes gradually migrated from earlier medium wave transmission to high quality digital stereo FM. Vividh Bharati now enjoys global listenership through Direct to Home Service (DTH) besides other 11 channels of All India Radio.

Popular?Vividh Bharati Programmes ::

  • Hawa Mahal
  • Sangam
  • Sangeet Sarita
  • Bhule Bisre Geet
  • Jaimala and Vishesh Jaimala
  • Inse Miliye
  • Chhaya Geet
  • Biscope Ke Batein
  • Sargam Ke Sitare
  • Celluloid Ke Sitare
  • Sehatnama
  • Hello Farmaish
  • Sakhi Saheli
  • Pitara
  • Ujaale Unki Yaadon Ke
  • Hello Saheli

To listen?Vividh Bharati Online, click the below mentioned link.

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