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Last Updated: August 8, 2015  599 views

How to make a YouTube type website?

in: Tips and Tricks

Youtube-player.jpgThese days when the internet speed is very fast, Video sites have become the most powerful and easy way to bring traffic. Generally webmasters think that if they have to launch a video portal then you will have to invest huge money. But dear friends now it is possible to start a video website with very negligible amount. You can make a youtube clone by using youtube only. Recently I have done a lot of search regarding using youtube for a video portal. Finally I found two great scripts for implementing this idea. One script is free open source whereas other one is commercial (but you have to pay almost negligible amount for that). First I will discuss the free script “php director”.


youtube.jpgPHP Melody is a?good option for anyone looking to launch their own video website. It comes with a massive database of over 3000 music videos to help you get started the right way. Actually it can be used as a community or social networking video site as the build-in user area allows your visitors to register for an account and suggest videos, keep a list of favorite videos, post comments and much more. Moreover, the Smart Filters help you prevent spammy or bad comments without even having to moderate them. If you think adding new videos URL is a time taking job, then you will not get better option than PHP Melody as it automatically imports videos from with a single click. Whenever you wish to add new videos to your site all you have to do is login and simply import videos you like from YouTube. PHP Melody doesn’t require a dedicated server. All videos are played directly from YouTube.


Salient features of PHP Melody ::

  • Smarty template – Integrate PHP Melody into any existing website.
  • Browser Independent.
  • Import videos directly from YouTube with a single click.
  • User can register, create their profile, comment on videos, give ratings
  • Video Search.
  • Smart filters to prevent abuse.
  • Captcha security for sumission forms.
  • SMTP mail support.

See the online demo of PHP Melody. Its cost is only 39 $.

Update :: The free script Php Director no longer exists.

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    I have bought PHP Melody about 3 weeks ago and so far I am so happy about. This is the first php-script that really deserved my money. The support for PHP Melody is outstanding, I get answers to my questions in few hours only and there is even a community forum for PHP Melody. Thanks PHP Melody that you exist!”

    Alex on March 3rd, 2008
  • 2

    Yes, PHP Melody is a great product and their team is also very friendly.

    I’m very impressed with their work!


    Peter M on March 7th, 2008
  • 3

    Another great video community is…

    Aliens & UFOs on March 9th, 2008
  • 4

    I couldn’t be happier with PHP Melody.

    It’s well worth it. The site i started made about $140 in the second month with little effort…i barely promoted it.

    That’s what i’m talking about ??

    Kevin T. on April 2nd, 2009
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