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Last Updated: August 8, 2015  654 views

How to make money online from Flipkart?

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Within four years of its establishment, Flipkart has become the largest online bookstore in India. Now a days, internet experts are calling it India’s Amazon. Flipkart started with selling books and in 2010 branched out to selling CDs, DVDs, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. It has also raised two rounds of funding from venture capital funds Accel India (in 2009) and Tiger Global Management (up to the tune of US$10 million) (in 2010). The company’s headquarters is located in Bangalore’s Koramangala, near my home ?? Webmasters can also make money online by becoming a Flipkart Affiliate. One can earn up to 6% affiliate fee by referring people to Flipkart.

Bloggers can easily promote Flipkart products on their site earn good amount of money. Signing up is easy and as of now no website / blog approval is required. Payments are made through checks.

These are some of the ways in which you can promote Flipkart products :

  • Banners :: Create banners of the huge range of books, movies, music, games and mobiles available at Flipkart.
  • Links & Buttons :: Create buttons and links for Books, CDs, DVDs, Authors, Categories and lots more!
  • Search Box :: Create a search box to search through the products from your very own website!

Once you register on flipkart as an affiliate, you will get one affiliate Id. For example, my affiliate Id is INAbhishek1. Now you can provide affiliate links to any page on, by appending affid=INAbhishek1 to the URL in your browser.

For URLs of search results pages append &affid=INAbhishek1

For other URLs append ?affid=INAbhishek1

You can append this to any particular book ::

To know more visit,

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    Hey dude, thanks and much appreciate the info.

    Mayank on September 27th, 2011
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    how much money you earned with flipkart?

    keyur on August 25th, 2012