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Last Updated: April 2, 2013  697 views

How to make unlimited calls to India from United States?

in: Tips and Tricks

Unlimited calls to IndiaWe are living in information age. Everyone wants to be informed and tries to be in touch of friends and relatives as far as possible. So keeping in touch should not be complicated or expensive. It should be simple, cheap or if possible,?free. In last decade, the Internet and communication technologies such as mobiles, VoIP have improved international communication. But calling without paying crazy fees still usually requires a certain phone, calling plan, or credit cards. Today I will share with you the most efficient and economical way to make unlimited calls to India from United States.

The process is very simple. Just you need to register on Keku’s website in three easy steps:

  1. Create a free account : It takes less than a minute. Enter your name, email, main number (that you’ll make calls from) and create a password.
  2. Generate a Local Number : Add the number of your friend, Keku will create a corresponding local number.
  3. Add credit : Purchase credit to make calls to any destination or choose one of our unlimited calling plans. No connection fees or hidden charges.

You can manage your KeKu account easily by logging into This will take you into ‘My Account’ where you can Add Credit, view and edit your Local Numbers and Registered Phones, review your call and charge history and also see your current balance. If you share Keku with your friend then your friend and you both receive up to $10 bonus credit!

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