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Last Updated: August 2, 2008  166 views

Internet Explorer cannot Open the Internet Site Error

in: Tips and Tricks

abhisays_IE_error.JPGToday morning, when I tried to open my blog in IE 6 browser, I got the pop up having error message “Internet Explorer cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted”. When I clicked the ok button of the pop up, the partially loaded page turns to “page cannot be displayed”. Then I tried the same in other browsers like IE 7, Opera and Firefox. Everywhere my blog was working fine except IE 6 and IE 7. I never liked these IE browsers and now they are causing big problems for my blog. But this defect was quite critical for as around 55.94 % visitors on abhisays use different versions of Microsoft IEs. On Microsoft’s developer forum I found that “The problem is you can’t append to the body element from script that isn’t a direct child to the body element. It can be fixed simply by putting defer=”defer” in the script tag.”

abhisays_browsers.JPG abhisays_error.JPG

After some more R & D and google search I came to know that this problem is due to Internet Explorer not able to understand ‘Javascript code’ of Then I started hit and trial. I removed all the external java script codes like adsense code, feedburner code, icerocket tracker, statcounter, hostgator, sitemeter and mybloglog codes. Finally I found that it was sitemeter code that is causing all these troubles. I have included that code in footer.php file. After the removal of that piece of code my blog is now working fine in IE also. Now I am finding a proper place in the blog to place this sitemeter code.

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    Is sitemeter crashing websites? When i searched over the internet i have found that sitemeter code is causing problems in some of the websites. Visit the website of to find more details regarding this issue.


    Arun on August 2nd, 2008
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    i’ve removed the sitemeter but the error is still there! =(

    kenwooi on June 2nd, 2009